On the Program - May 27th 2008

Hour One - Michael Ledeen www.aei.org Topic: Iran - Why don't Neocons trust democracy?

Hour Two - Carrie Lukas www.iwf.org Topic: Should the government offer incentives or other encouragement to get more women participating in science/math/engineering/technology college courses?

Hour Three - Philippe Sands www.pict-pcti.org Topic: His new book "Torture Team: Rumsfeld's Memo and the Betrayal of American Values"

Guest: Al Franken www.alfranken.com Topic: Senate campaign against republican Norm Coleman

Coming Up…May 29th – Join me and our friends at Green 960 KKGN for "A Night of Unity"…featuring Thom Thom Hartmann, Angie Coiro, John Scott and Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton delegates…Hotel Sofitel San Francisco Bay at 223 Twin Dolphin Drive in Redwood City…tickets are $10 and a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the California Democratic Party…

Thom's Blog Is On the Move

Hello All

Today, we are closing Thom's blog in this space and moving to a new home.

Please follow us across to hartmannreport.com - this will be the only place going forward to read Thom's blog posts and articles.

From Screwed:
"If we are going to live in a Democracy, we need to have a healthy middle class. Thom Hartmann shows us how the ‘cons’ have wronged this country, and tells us what needs to be done to reclaim what it is to be American."
Eric Utne, Founder, Utne magazine
From The Thom Hartmann Reader:
"Thom is a national treasure. Read him, embrace him, learn from him, and follow him as we all work for social change."
Robert Greenwald, political activist and founder and president of Brave New Films
From The Thom Hartmann Reader:
"Right through the worst of the Bush years and into the present, Thom Hartmann has been one of the very few voices constantly willing to tell the truth. Rank him up there with Jon Stewart, Bill Moyers, and Paul Krugman for having the sheer persistent courage of his convictions."
Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth