June 03 2008 show notes

  • Show live from New York City.

  • Hillary is to acknowledge that Obama has the delegates tonight. But will she concede?

  • It has been a historic race. We should honor Hillary.

  • Guest: Sheila O'Connor-Ambrose, fellow, The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI). Gay marriage...Is true marriage by definition and by history only one man and one woman?

  • Guest: John Berlau, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Competitive Enterprise Institute. Should the government have a fingerprint registry and should corporations have access to it?

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Tuesday 03 June '08 show

  • Show live from New York City.
  • Hillary is to acknowledge that Obama has the delegates tonight.
  • It's the loser who is most important.
  • Article: AP: Clinton will concede tonight.
  • It's not the big story, which is how will they and their surrogates comport themselves, particularly their most outspoken ones. Hillary supporter emails are getting more vitriolic. Hillary will be the one to heal. Hillary has told people to hand in expenses, offered a plane ticket to home or to the New York party.

    The 5 stages of grief:

    - denial
    - anger
    - bargaining
    - depression
    - acceptance

    There are people who are very committed to her. Personally she is a better politician than her husband. Bill campaigned as a progressive. Some say Kerry threw in the towel because he thought he could win in 2008, Thom spent several shows afterwards doing grief counseling.
  • Bumper Music: That's What I Like About You, the Kinks.
  • From the chat room: "Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is

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