On the Program - June 30 - July 11 2008

June 30 - July 4 2008 Radio Guest Highlights for the Week

Monday - Guest Host Marc Maron filling in for Thom

Tuesday - Guest: Dinesh D'Souza www.dineshdsouza.com Topic: Thom and Dinesh will debate FISA - Security vs PrivacyGuest: US Congressman (R-TX) Rep. Ron Paul www.paul.house.gov

Wednesday - Guest Host Marc Maron filling in for Thom

Thursday & Friday "Thom Hartmann Recycled" include: Thom's gun debate with Stephen Halbrook; The "Wild West" state of Healthcare; The Role of Race in the Election debate with Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson; Should Terrorists get the Death Penalty? with Frank Gaffney; and Thom asks the question - Have We Made Profits more Important than Humanity?

It's the 4th of July week - here's a video from the 1940s that's still relevant today:


July 7- 11 2008 Radio Guest Highlights for the Week


Guest: Thom will be moderating a debate between the President of the Brady Campaign, Paul Helmke and pro-gun Dr. John Lott on the impact of the supreme court's ruling on guns

Guest: Barry Siegel www.barry-siegel.com Topic: His new book "Claim of Privilege" uncovering the foundation of the "States Secret Privilege"


Guest: Dr. Edgar Browning author of Stealing From Each Other Topic Thom is challenging Mr. Browning on his statement "No country has ever redistributed its way to prosperity, and Obama's plan to increase taxes on America's wealthiest 5% won't work!"


Guest: Terry Jeffrey
www.cnsnews.com Topic: Thom and Terry "shake it up" Who should raise children... parents or government?


Guest: Tom Hayden, Activist and former California state senator
www.tomhayden.com Topic: Election, politics, progressive issues and his new book "Voices of the Chicago Eight: A Generation on Trial"Guest: Christy Harvey www.americanprogress.org Topic: News under the Radar

Friday - Anything Goes Friday

Guest: Senator Bernie Sanders - "Brunch with Bernie"

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