July 07 2008 show notes

  • How badly will the conservatives destroy America before Obama becomes President?

  • Guest: Allison Kasic, Independent Women's Forum. Does overturning DC's gun ban "empower women?"

  • Guest: Barry Siegel. Author, "Claim of Privilege".

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Monday 07 July '08 show

  • Thanks to Marc Maron for guest hosting the show two days last week.
  • Article: UAE ponders end of peg to dollar. Abu Dhabi is currently tying its currency to the American dollar.
  • How badly will the conservatives destroy America before Obama becomes President? The Republican battle against the middle class continues full tilt boogie. Demand side economics means entrepreneurs will start companies to provide products for which they see a demand. This has been replaced in America by 30 years of supply side economics, where public money is given to wealthy people in the hope that they will build factories, create jobs and produce things people want to buy. Demand drives an economy, where people are making enough money that they can buy things. Reaganomics ignores whether people can afford to buy things, Reagan doubled the tax on working people and gave huge tax breaks to the rich and corporations, and gave corporations subsidies and changed the rules of international trade. Phil Gramm advised Reagan on economics and is now advising McCain. People's buying power has eroded. Real income has gone down. Greenspan loosened credit so people can borrow to buy what they could not afford out of their wages. It is now coming to an end as we are reaching the limits of credit for people and the government. So the dollar is falling through the floor.
  • Bumper Music: Business As Usual, Eagles.
  • Where do we go now?
  • Article: For Sale: U.S. Roads.
  • Article: Numbers racket: Why the economy is worse than we know, Kevin Phillips, Harpers, May 2008.
    "Based on the criteria in place a quarter century ago, today

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