July 17 2008 show notes

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Thursday 17 July '08 show

  • "A conservative is a man who sits and thinks, mostly sits". Woodrow Wilson.
  • Are we going to let the thieves win? Is it in our nature to be thieves? The world view of 'greed is good'.
  • Thom got an email from Joel: "the best description of the spent fuel dilemma I've ever heard of: if the pyramids of Egypt had been the storage places for the radioactive fuel rods of that day's nuclear power stations, the pharaohs of 3,000 years ago would have gotten their 25 years of electric power to enjoy. And today we would still have to be guarding their pyramid nuclear waste stations and would have to continue to guard them or at least 22,000 years with no benefit at all in our own lives or in our children's lives". That's the legacy of nuclear power.
  • Article: Sovereign funds cut exposure to dollar.
    "Some of the world's largest sovereign wealth funds are seeking to scale back their exposure to the US dollar in a sign of global concern about the currency.

    One big sovereign fund in the Gulf has cut its dollardenominated holdings from more than 80 per cent a year ago to less than 60 per cent, while China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) has been looking to strike deals with private equity firms in Europe as part of a strategy to reduce its dollar holdings.
  • Article: UBS used

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