July 21 2008 show notes

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Monday 21 July '08 show

  • A copy of Thom's book "Screwed" to whoever suggests the winning name for the kitten Thom and Louise adopted when staying with family over the weekend. They won't necessarily choose the name today. He's a gray silver tiger. Thom went target shooting with his brother. The range had Osama bin Laden targets in the past, this time not one. Good sign. Hunting for sport, hunting for food, respect.
  • Guest: Carrie Lukas, Vice President for Policy and Economics, Independent Women's Forum. Author, "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism". Is education, especially higher education, a right or a privilege? Obama's tax credit for study. Rights. Nowadays people need higher education to get a job. She said to first look at what we are getting for High School education; a lot is useless.
  • Article: Letter from Thomas Jefferson to John Adams Monticello, Oct. 28, 1813.
  • Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to John Adams in 1813 about undermining the pseudo aristocracy. They put together a bill for the general diffusion of learning. It was rejected, never passed. He founded the University of Virginia, a free college.
  • Article: After Touting Drilling

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Peter Coyote, Actor and author of Sleeping Where I Fall
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"If you wonder why and when giant corporations got the power to reign supreme over us, here’s the story."
Jim Hightower, national radio commentator and author of Swim Against the Current