On the Program - July 22 2008

Unless our conception of patriotism is progressive,it cannot hope to embody the real affection and the real interest of thenation” - Jane Addams

Hour One
- StephenZarlenga www.monetary.org Topic: Should we nationalize money?

Hour Two -Seton Motley www.mediaresearch.org Topic: Are Republicans right…that weshould bring back the fairness doctrine?

Hour Three - Michael Waldman www.brennancenter.orgTopic: His Book "A Return toCommon Sense"

Name the Kitten contest update:

Best namesso far...Magnum PI, Chewbacca and Fang

Funniestname! Thom – asina - Remember the Disney Movie! Sorry Ain’thappening.

Not goingto happen names...Rumsfeld, Rush or Hannity. Who would do that to akitten! Even if he does attack everything in sight.

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