August 12 2008 show notes

  • Guest: George Landrith, President, Frontiers of Freedom. The impact of Big Oil Profits.

  • Guest: Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America. Should students be allowed to carry guns on college campuses?

  • Georgia, Russia, oil, ginning up a cold war for McCain.

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Tuesday 12 August '08 show

  • "Today Republicans will have a simple choice: will they continue to stand with Bush, Cheney and the modern-day oil barons? Or will they join us on the side of struggling American families who deserve better? I urge all of my colleagues to support the Consumer First Energy Act."
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, June 10, 2008.
  • Guest: George Landrith, President, Frontiers of Freedom. The impact of Big Oil Profits. The Harry Reid. Republicans filibustered a bill back in June that would have created a 25% windfall profit tax on companies that don;t invest in renewable fuels or electricity production; it got over 50 votes to pass, but not enough to overcome the filibuster. Money would have gone towards winterization. What's wrong with that? George asked high school students what they thought; they all said that the tax would be passed on to consumers. Thom said that many taxes affect corporate or individual behavior. George said we've spent 30 years not drilling and Congress does not know what's best, for example the money spent on ethanol. Thom said there are over 10,000 leases. Use it or lose it. He said it depends on the cost of extracting oil from a particular area. Wind, solar, back-up for when the wind does not blow, grid.
  • Bumper Music: Change, Bart Crow.
  • McCain's job-killing tour in Pennsylvania. Newt Gingrich's "drill here drill now". Profits. Is that the kind of market we want? These corporations are so huge, they are the tail that wags the dog of government. Say they can keep $18b if they put it into alternative energy. The example of Western Union, everyone used telegraph, Alexander Graham Bell went to them saying his phone could use the wires, let's convert. They said no. It took Bell longer, but the Bells are much bigger now. Railroads and the Wright brothers; the railroads didn't see change coming. Legislate to push them. Business lunches, "Mad men" film.
  • Bumper Music: Addicted To Oil, Capitol Steps.
  • Article: 'Detective' asks store for free porn 3 times.
  • Clip:
    "I am deeply concerned by reports that Russian troops have moved beyond the zone of conflict, attacked the Georgian town of Gori, and are threatening the Georgia's -- Georgia's capital of Tbilisi. There's evidence that Russian forces may soon begin bombing the civilian airport in the capital city.

    If these reports are accurate, these Russian actions would represent a dramatic and brutal escalation of the conflict in Georgia. And these actions would be inconsistent with assurances we have received from Russia that its objectives were limited to restoring the status quo in South Ossetia that existed before fighting began on August the 6th.
    President Bush Discusses Situation in Georgia, August 11, 2008.
  • Bumper Music: Royally Oily, Colleen Kattau.
  • Upcoming Event: August 16th - Seattle, WA. KPTK, Seattle

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