August 19 2008 show notes

  • Guest: Renee-Marie Stephano, Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer of the Medical Tourism Association.

  • Guest: Dan Gainor, Business & Media Institute. Why isn't anyone talking about nuclear power to resolve the energy crisis?

  • Guest: Mark Crispin Miller. Blowing the whistle on how the GOP has been stealing elections for years...the buck stops at the White House.

  • Guest: "Advertiser Success Story": Jacques Pugh, Progressive Tech.

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Tuesday 19 August '08 show

  • Guest: Renee-Marie Stephano, Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer of the Medical Tourism Association. Medical tourism...see your surgeons and the sites overseas ... is this is a sad commentary on our health care system? It's been happening internationally for decades, now it's a trend. There are fewer very rich people coming to the USA because of visa difficulty, they now go to Singapore, Thailand, or Latin America. Is it bad for security, middle class? People without health insurance are going abroad - if they did not get it cheap abroad, the could not afford it, and could die. It's not taking work from American health workers. Is her industry lobbying to keep the status quo? They have not done any up to now, but the AMA is seeking legislation. Pharma, insurance companies are worried about pharma tourism.
  • Bumper Music: Tonsils in Taiwan, Jim Terr, Blue Canyon Productions.
  • Article: How to Attack John McCain--What Would Rove Do?, James Vega.
  • Article: Karl Rove

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