August 25 2008 show notes

, chair of Democracy For America (DFA).

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Monday 25 August '08 show

  • Show live from the 2008 Democratic National Convention, Denver, radio row.
  • Guest: Steve Hildebrand, deputy national campaign director of Barack Obama's presidential campaign. He's been in the business 22 years. This is a very important week, an important time to communicate with the American people and broaden their base of support. Change. Larry Johnson, a Republican who supported Valerie Plame, first blogged about Michelle Obama saying whitey on tape and other RNC smears, targeted at Hillary supporters. It's the same old political games. McCain is more of the same. He supported and worked for the Clintons. Nixon's dirty tricks against Ed Muskie. Republican interference in Michigan Democratic primaries. Hillary has made it clear that we should unite behind Obama. A handful will decide not to. Get on board if you are passionate about the issues. Teddy Kennedy is in Denver. It feels like Obama is the heir to the Kennedy legacy. We've got to get him elected.
  • Bumper Music: Blue State Liberal, Pat Scanlon.
  • Calls about Hillary and her supporters and the need to show up McCain, go on the offensive. Polls.
  • Article: Pawlenty Promises CEOs

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From The Thom Hartmann Reader:
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