On the Program - Sep 8th 2008

Hour one - Why is thedownfall of Freddie and Fannie not considered a failure of privatization?

Hour two - Tim Graham www.mrc.org Topic: Why is the corporate pressignoring the lies in Palin and McCain’s convention speeches and since then?

Hour Three - CliffArnebeck www.commoncause.org/Ohio
Topic: election fraud

Labor Segment Victoria Kaplanwww.sweatfree.org 
Topic: SweatFree Communities

Dr. Siegfried Othmer www.homecoming4veterans.org Topic: PTSD and how Homecoming for Veterans helps

Thom's Blog Is On the Move

Hello All

Thom's blog in this space and moving to a new home.

Please follow us across to hartmannreport.com - this will be the only place going forward to read Thom's blog posts and articles.

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David Korten, author of Agenda for a New Economy, The Great Turning, and When Corporations Rule the World
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"Thom Hartmann is a literary descendent of Ben Franklin and Tom Paine. His unflinching observations and deep passion inspire us to explore contemporary culture, politics, and economics; challenge us to face the facts of the societies we are creating; and empower us to demand a better world for our children and grandchildren."
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"If we are going to live in a Democracy, we need to have a healthy middle class. Thom Hartmann shows us how the ‘cons’ have wronged this country, and tells us what needs to be done to reclaim what it is to be American."
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