On the Program - Oct 13th 2008

Hour One: Grace-Marie Turner www.galen.org Topic: Thom and Grace-Marie debate healthcare, Obama v. McCain or…

Hour two: Carrie Lukas www.iwf.org Topic: Thom and Carrie "Mix it up” about the economic crisis and big corporations - should they continue to get big tax breaks?

Guest: Robert Greenwald www.BraveNewFilms.org Topic: McCain's anger problem?

Hour Three - President/CEO Humane Society Wayne Pacelle www.hsus.org Topic: Factory-farm practice of caging farm animals in spaces so tight that they are unable to turn around, stretch or lay down.

Thom on Russian TV - www.russiatoday.com

October 17 @ 7:00 PM Thom is speaking & Booksigning - Democratic Headquarters -San Fernando Valley (DPSFV) 14529 Archwood Van Nuys, CA 91405 (818) 995-DEMS www.dpsfv.com 

October 19 – Debate - 2p-4p American Jewish University, Bel Air CA
Gindi Auditorium Register 310-440-1246S http://wcce.ajula.edu/Content/ContentUnit.asp?CID=154&u=7564&t=0

with Allan Stolk Las Vegas, Bill Handel LA, Stephanie Miller national and Thom Hartmann national

Thom's Blog Is On the Move

Hello All

Thom's blog in this space and moving to a new home.

Please follow us across to hartmannreport.com - this will be the only place going forward to read Thom's blog posts and articles.

From Screwed:
"The powers that be are running roughshod over the powers that OUGHT to be. Hartmann tells us what went wrong — and what you and I can do to help set American right again."
Jim Hightower, National Radio Commentator, Writer, Public Speaker, and author of the bestselling Thieves in High Places
From The Thom Hartmann Reader:
"With the ever-growing influence of corporate CEOs and their right-wing allies in all aspects of American life, Hartmann’s work is more relevant than ever. Throughout his career, Hartmann has spoken compellingly about the value of people-centered democracy and the challenges that millions of ordinary Americans face today as a result of a dogma dedicated to putting profit above all else. This collection is a rousing call for Americans to work together and put people first again."
Richard Trumka, President, AFL-CIO
From Cracking the Code:
"No one communicates more thoughtfully or effectively on the radio airwaves than Thom Hartmann. He gets inside the arguments and helps people to think them through—to understand how to respond when they’re talking about public issues with coworkers, neighbors, and friends. This book explores some of the key perspectives behind his approach, teaching us not just how to find the facts, but to talk about what they mean in a way that people will hear."
Paul Loeb, author of Soul of a Citizen