On the Program - Oct 6th 2008

Hour One - Brian Kennedy www.instituteforenergyresearch.org Topic: Thom and Brian take on “Drill Baby Drill.”

Hour Two - Carrie Lukas www.iwf.org Topic: Thom and Carrie debate - Is there a a double standard between Palin and Biden?

Hour Three - Stephen Larsen www.stonemountaincenter.com Topic: author of the newly released book "THE FUNDAMENTLIST MIND"

Guest: Larry Zamba www.electzamba.com Topic: Running for Wisconsin Assembly, District 66, against Republican incumbent Samantha Kerkman

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Thom's Blog Is On the Move

Hello All

Thom's blog in this space and moving to a new home.

Please follow us across to hartmannreport.com - this will be the only place going forward to read Thom's blog posts and articles.