The Thom Hartmann Weekly Report - Oct 27-31 2008

October 27-31 2008 Radio Guest Highlights for the Week

Guest: Brad O'Leary Topic: Thom and Brad the debate Employee Free Choice Act...Is a Union Democracy in the workplace?
Guest: Carrie Lukas Topic: Size matters! Thom & Carrie mix it up over the size of government and who bigger better?
Guest: Ralph Nader Topic: Ralph Nader Successfully Attempts Guinness World Record

Guest: Dr. Yaron Brook Topic: Thom and Yaron debate the economic and coming food shortage – and what should be done.
Guest: Economist Stephen Moore Topic: Thom is challenging Club for Growth’s Stephen Moore on his new book "The End of Prosperity: How Higher Taxes Will Doom the Economy - If We Let It Happen"

Guest: Terry Jeffrey Topic: The issues of the day through the lens of both conservative and liberal
Guest: "Everything you Know is Wrong - Halloween" Dr. Ken Olson Topic: "An Expose of Satan's Schemes" This book will make you laugh or it will scare the hell out of you – Trick or Treat?

Guest: Dick Patten Topic: Thom and Dick spar over the death tax and Obama's plan for family businesses and farms
Guest: David Horowitz Topic: Thom confronts David who says "McCain can still win"
Guest: Christy Harvey Topic: News under the Radar

Friday – "Brunch with Bernie" – Senator Bernie Sanders taking your calls

Events with Thom Hartmann Coming Up….

Nov. 3 2008 – Canadian TV Broadcasting CTV Newsnet 945pm et. Thom is on a panel of liberals and conservatives on the US Presidential Election.

Nov. 4 2008 Late Afternoon/evening – Air America Election Coverage

Nov. 16 – 22 2008 Air America Cruise to Belize - Sold Out

Dec. 10 2008 Portland, OR - Powell's - Book Signing – Burnside Location 7:30pm

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