November 03 2008 show notes

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Monday 03 November '08 show

  • The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee.
    "Twas the night before the election when all through this nation
    Volunteers began stirring at every poll station
    The ballots were all printed and numbered with care
    In hopes that all voters soon would be there.
  • Why would anyone ever join the Republican party?
  • Thom invited calls from Republicans and former Republicans, and several responded.
  • Clip:
    "And now the ideas and the ideals which he so nobly represented must and will be translated into effective action. "
    Lyndon Baines Johnson, "Let Us Continue", 27 November 1963.
  • Clip:
    Male narrator: "The promises made that November day were strong promises. One by one, they have been kept. An eleven billion dollar tax cut, proposed by President Kennedy, was signed in law by President Johnson on February 26th. The President sought and won support from both parties in passing a bill to fulfill our founding father's commitment that every American have his full Constitutional rights. The anti-poverty bill expressed the President's and the people's determination to eliminate poverty from the richest nation in the world. It was signed on August 20th. Lead by the President, Congress passed five significant bills on education, more than any other Congress in recent history. The President signed the wilderness bill, saving threatened areas of natural beauty. He signed new legislation attacking the problems of transportation and housing in our cities. New programs to help insure the farmer a fair reward for his labor. In fact, forty-five major bills were passed. But the President's leadership was not felt in the halls of Congress alone. He helped to settle a four and a half year-old conflict between the railroad companies and the men who operate the trains, averting a strike that could have paralyzed the nation. He cut the Federal budget, only the second time in ten years this has been done, and federal expenditures have been kept below the level authorized in the budget. When American destroyers were attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin, he replied firmly and decisively, and Communist aggression was turned back. In the dark days of last November, President Johnson expressed the nation's purpose in three simple words: Let us continue. Vote for President Johnson on November 3rd. The stakes are too high for you to stay home."
    Lyndon Baines Johnson 1964 campaign ad.
  • New Republican meme, Americans don't like Congress to be in the hands of one party, and better divided. Historically things have got done by parties in the majority. red states getting more money back than they send to fed, blues get less.
  • Democrats need Senate race wins by Jeff Merkley (Oregon), Al Franken (Minnesota against Norm Coleman), Kay Hagan (North Carolina), Jim Martin (Georgia), Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire against John Sununu).
  • Bumper Music: I

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