On the Program - Nov 24th 2008

Welcome Back from the Air American Cruise...

Quote: “I’ve been racking my brain to find methods of openly, actively, and legally opposing this tyrant in the making. Any suggestions?” --Fox News’ Sean Hannity asking his website visitors for their help in how best to attack Obama

Hour One – The Cruise - Who pee’d on Ron Reagan (trickle-down? Cruise) and the economic meltdown)

Hour Two - Carrie Lukas www.iwf.org Topic: Thom and Carrie mix it up – If the Obama kids get school choice – why not everyone?

Hour Three - Martha Burk Ms. Magazine Money Editor and author of "Your Money and Your Life: The High Stakes for Women in '08"www.msmagazine.com Topic: How to avoid being a bag lady?

Guest: Dennis Rivera www.seiu.org Topic: Health care for all must be a priority for the new administration

Thom's Blog Is On the Move

Hello All

Thom's blog in this space and moving to a new home.

Please follow us across to hartmannreport.com - this will be the only place going forward to read Thom's blog posts and articles.

From Screwed:
"The powers that be are running roughshod over the powers that OUGHT to be. Hartmann tells us what went wrong — and what you and I can do to help set American right again."
Jim Hightower, National Radio Commentator, Writer, Public Speaker, and author of the bestselling Thieves in High Places
From Screwed:
"Thom Hartmann’s book explains in simple language and with concrete research the details of the Neo-con’s war against the American middle class. It proves what many have intuited and serves to remind us that without a healthy, employed, and vital middle class, America is no more than the richest Third World country on the planet."
Peter Coyote, Actor and author of Sleeping Where I Fall
From Screwed:
"If we are going to live in a Democracy, we need to have a healthy middle class. Thom Hartmann shows us how the ‘cons’ have wronged this country, and tells us what needs to be done to reclaim what it is to be American."
Eric Utne, Founder, Utne magazine