December 16 2008 show notes

  • Guest: Peter Brimelowe, VDare. The so called "War on Christmas" and the immigration connection.

  • Guest: Meg James. Why is the TV industry dumbing down Americans with more "less scripted" shows in lieu of quality dramas? Jay Leno moving into prime time.

  • Guest: Peter Barnes. Entrepreneur and writer. Cap and Dividend. Fixing the economy and healing the President-elect Obama can do both.

  • Guest: Cynthia G. Brown, Director of Education Policy, Center for American Progress. "Teaching All Our Children Well"

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Tuesday 16 December '08 show

  • Overview. The shoe thrower has apparently been severely beaten in custody, Iraqis took to the streets, Thom thinks he is a hero. 70% think Obama should withdraw troops form Iraq within 16 months. SOFA has Americans withdrawing from cities by June, dramatically under reported. EPA has interfered with scientific work to limit protection for species. Ken Salazar is to be Interior Secretary. Minnesota is starting to count the disputed ballots. Harry Reid announced committee chairmanships Diane Feinstein for Intelligence, Daniel Inouye of Hawaii for Appropriations, John Kerry for the Foreign Relations Committee.
  • Guest: Peter Brimelowe, VDare. The so called "War on Christmas" and the immigration connection. Bill O'Reilly is known for the war on Christmas, but it started with Brimelowe. They are calling for Bush impeachment. VDare is named after the first English child born in USA, she was born in a lost colony. 2001 war on Christmas competition won by Tom Piatak. Max Blumenthal article. Their book, America

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