December 23 2008 show notes

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Tuesday 23 December '08 show

  • The economy is in the tank, the major driver is wages, let's get as many people employed as possible.
  • Guest: Wendy Gelberg, Gentle Job Search & Career Services. Author, "The Successful Introvert: How to Enhance Your Job Search and Advance Your Career". How to keep or get a job in a recession. How to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Teaching introverts skills. Networking is most important. Don't mimic extroverts. Concentrate on one on one, rather than groups. Put a lot of energy into it. Instead of going out into the world as a beggar, go out as a resource. See what you can provide. Interviews for introverts. If your employer won't write letters of recommendation, try and get a personal rather than a professional recommendation. If you have volunteer activities, try there. If you need to transfer your skills from your existing market, talk to people. Look online at the Occupational Outlook Handbook. When starting his travel business, Thom asked people running travel businesses in other places, took them to lunch, and they were happy to give advice. But don't ask them for a job. If you prefer your volunteer work to your paid work, talk with people there and ask them how to get paid work. If you are older, whether to put any dates on your resume that would give clues as to your age. Examples on her site show dates. The resume is to get you in the door. She does a workshop on age. Reagan got round it by saying he would not exploit the youth and inexperience of Mondale.
  • Bumper Music: Silent Night, Jingle Cats (video).
  • Article: 5 Are Convicted of Conspiring to Attack Fort Dix.
    "A federal jury on Monday convicted five men of conspiring to kill American soldiers at Fort Dix in New Jersey last year, but acquitted them of attempted murder.

    The jury deliberated for six days before returning its verdict against the defendants: three brothers

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