January 21 2009 show notes

  • Show live from Washington, DC.

  • Thom went to the Eastern ball last night, Obama gave a short barnburner speech.

  • Guest: Richard Greene, author, "Words That Shook The World", host, "Clout" on Air America. The inaugural.

  • Guest: David Madland, Director of the American Worker Project.

  • Guest: Kandy Stroud who has been booking the guests for Thom and others at the radio row.

  • Guest: CNS Editor-in-Chief Terence Jeffrey.

  • Guest: "Everything You Know is Wrong": Ken Davis, "Don't Know Much About" series. Presidential inauguration history & little known facts.

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Wednesday 21 January '09 show

  • Show live from Washington, DC.
  • Thom went to the Eastern ball last night, the smallest of 10 balls, at Union Station, the last one the Obama's went to. Obama gave a short barnburner speech (video), about how it is all about us...

    [Obama]: Hello everybody, did you enjoy today?

    Today was your day. Today was a day that represented all your efforts, all your faith, all your confidence, and what's possible in America. They said it couldn't be done. And you did it.

    And if we apply that not just to elections, but to governance, to how we rebuild our communities, then when people tell you that we can't employ folks who are out of work, you say ...

    [audience]: Yes we can!

    [Obama]: When folks say, well you can't fix the health care system ...

    [audience]: Yes we can!

    [Obama]: Some of our kids are destined to fail in school, you say we can change it ...

    [audience]: Yes we can!

    [Obama]: There is something in the spirit of the American people that insists on recreating this country when we get a little bit off course. And that's what's powered this election. It's what has given our team the kind of energy that has allowed us to overcome extraordinary obstacles. And it's what gives me so much confidence that our better days are ahead.

    As long as all of you understand that this is not the end, this is the beginning. And we are gonna need you tomorrow, we're gonna need you next week, we're gonna need you next month, next year, and out into the future, because government alone can't do it. We are gonna need you each and every step of the way.

    And if you're willing to join us, then I think that we can continue this extraordinary ride.

    This is our last event of Inauguration Day. And so since the First Lady of the United States has been doing the same thing that I've been doing except backwards and in heels, let me ask her for one last dance.
  • People say that Obama is using Thom's language. Fox News says that Obama is not president because Roberts flubbed it - sick joke.
  • Book: "Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior", David R. Hawkins.
  • Article: Kyl calls Obama

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