February 02 2009 show notes

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Monday 02 February '09 show

  • Citigroup's Football Madness.
  • Should Tom Daschle become Secretary of Health and Human services? Why not have Howard Dean, he's a doctor. His "Doctor Dinosaur" program for kids in Vermont.
  • Article: GOP Fliers Apparently Were Part Of Strategy. November 13, 2006.
    "The six Trailways motorcoaches draped in Ehrlich and Steele campaign banners rumbled down Interstate 95 just before dawn on Election Day.

    On board, 300 mostly poor African Americans from Philadelphia ate doughnuts, sipped coffee and prepared to spend the day at the Maryland polls. After an early morning greeting from Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s wife, Kendel, they would fan out in white vans across Prince George's County and inner-city Baltimore, armed with thousands of fliers that appeared to be designed to trick black Democrats into voting for the two Republican candidates.

    The glossy fliers bore photos of black Democratic leaders on the front. Under the headline "Democratic Sample Ballot" were boxes checked in red for Ehrlich and Senate candidate Michael S. Steele, who were not identified as Republicans. Their names were followed by a long list of local Democratic candidates.

    Nearly a week later, a fuller picture has emerged about how the plan to capture blacks' votes unfolded -- details that suggest the fliers, and the people paid to distribute them, were not part of a hurry-up effort but a calculated strategy.

    Republican leaders have defended the Election Day episode as an accepted element of bare-knuckle politics. But for many voters, it shattered in one day the nice-guy images Ehrlich and Steele had cultivated for years.
  • Michael Steele is the new Chairman of the Republican National Committee. It smacks of tokenism. Thom mentioned the leaflet scam in on WCPT on Friday, predicted we will not see it on corporate media.
  • Bumper Music: Working On A Dream, Bruce Springsteen (video).
  • Article: Phelps Congratulates Cardinals on Super Bowl Win.
  • Article: Iraq's Shocking Human Toll: About 1 Million Killed, 4.5 Million Displaced, 1-2 Million Widows, 5 Million Orphans.
  • Article: The US needs its stimulus now.
    "With the US economy shrinking at an accelerating rate, the case for a strong fiscal stimulus should be uncontroversial. Yet last week the House of Representatives passed its version of the measure sought by the Obama administration without a shred of Republican support. The Democratic majority in the Senate, which now takes up the legislation, is too small to assure passage without Republican votes. The bill can and should be improved

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