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sjmcwethy 11 years 18 weeks ago

Hello Thom,

On today's program you played a short segment of Glen Beck--apparently at his "worst." Here's something you might have missed:


Susan McWethy

Beak50's picture
Beak50 10 years 2 weeks ago

Has anyone found out if Mitt Romney has released his Tax returns yet?And if not why?

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terryj730 6 years 17 weeks ago

Did my Dear Hillary Letter message to Thom post? I amnew to this site. Thanks

jdmd275111's picture
jdmd275111 6 years 7 weeks ago

Thom, Im a big fan and admirer. I'm afraid I don't understand your stance on "reparations". I agree with you on every aspect of the evil of slavery and racism in general. I'm against reparations and heres why.#1, Our government did not institute slavery,of course it could have done more to end it sooner. #2, nobody alive today was enslaved with respect to the "slave era". #3, Trying to figure out who gets what would be an impossible task. For instance, our GREAT President Obama is half white, would he get half the settlement amount? Tracing a persons lineage to slavery would be a mess. Even "white" people could have had black ancestors who were enslaved. #4, Were'nt white Irish people enslaved in certain states during that time as well? #5,Racisim is alive and very well (most if not all Trump supporters), would'nt reparations fuel more hate from the right... I mean white racist? I see more harm than good.

In closing let me say.... Go Bernie!!!

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lorne 2 years 31 weeks ago

Where's the new board?

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SueN 2 years 31 weeks ago

It has closed.

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John R Koncsol 1 year 23 weeks ago

As to the discussion today (injection wells), it would be very interesting to hear from Erin Brokovich.

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