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Bill Frank (not verified) 15 years 16 weeks ago

Hi Thom, you see me as Mr. Bill in the chat room. Great new website. Stephanie Miller's is set up the same way, billiant!

Mr. Bill

Kevin (not verified) 15 years 16 weeks ago

Rush high? Naaaaah.....

Although he was paying unusual attention to his nose on Saturday.....hmmm

mmwalsh (not verified) 15 years 16 weeks ago

good morning from camp luna linda --

looks like i'm LOGGED IN --

i haven't found the old dynamic of the old chat YET --

hummm --
so many options --


Josh Singletary (not verified) 15 years 16 weeks ago

Thom, here is that Northern Georgia Terrorist Training Camp Johnathan was referring to. It's Fort Benning, Georgia and apparently we have been training some of the worst Latin American terrorists there. It's also known as the "School Of the Americas" Check it out!

applepieGirl (not verified) 15 years 16 weeks ago

According to the Financial Times of 3/4, the elimination of executive compensation restrictions on companies using the new TALF plan is expected to increase its use. Some issuers "were not going to participate because of the executive compensation restrictions." I am incredulous that the Obama administration is once again caving in to the people that are in large part responsible for this global economic mess. I suspect the Bush Administration's cooperative stance with the Obama staff pre-transition had the effect of mentally warping our present power structure.

Agnes (not verified) 15 years 16 weeks ago

When will be broadcasting in NY City???? I can't get you in my car when I am trying around for errands???? Please come back???

MikeK (not verified) 15 years 16 weeks ago

What a tremendous dissappointment that I can't get Thom on iTunes or access archives without paying. Going a little corporate huh?

arlan boll (not verified) 15 years 16 weeks ago


Thank you for all your good and hard work.

You have already taught me this but for edification...

Ex President George W. Bush may have left office with an historically bad 22% approval rating. This was exonerated by the fact that when Obama was inaugurated Bush was the ONLY president that was booed by the people present (just type in Bush Booed on youtube and you will find a plethora of video confirming this) and although the media at the time was not ready to clarify that incident (for fear it might have spoiled Barack's inauguration) you could see how distressed Bush's face was when it happened. After all of his misdeeds both evident or not he's still eager to impart his wisdom. He will soon embark on his first speaking tour—and he will be getting paid $150,000 a pop. He will hit the lecture circuit next month with stopovers in Canada, the U.S. and other spots around the globe.

Maybe we can then ask him questions not yet answered by this thief.

In not one "exit interview" Bush has given recently did any "journalist" ask him: Why did you appoint people to key government agencies and departments who do not believe in the missions of those agencies and departments?

No "reporter" in any exit interview asked Bush: Why did you allow your 2004 campaign to Swift Boat and smear John Kerry's sterling military service record?

Not one of them asked: Why did you say "bring 'em on" when the Iraqi insurgency began? Didn't you understand that more American service personnel might die because of such a taunt?

Not one interviewer asked: Why did you have to cling to Dick Cheney by your side and not allow transcripts or recordings of your testimony before the milquetoast 9-11 Commission? Why all the secrecy? Why the subterfuge and lies and misinformation about 9-11 if everything was on the up-and-up?

No interviewer asked: Why did you allow Jeff Gannon to pose as a White House correspondent? And produce fake video news releases? And paid Armstrong Williams to shill for you? Why did you send "message force multipliers" out on the public airwaves to sell the Iraq war?

No one asked: Why didn't you go to the FISA court, a secret court that almost never denies presidential requests for warrants, to obtain authorization for your NSA surveillance program? In 2004 was Karl Rove using the NSA to spy on the Kerry campaign?

The public will not get the repudiation of Bush it longs for. No. Elections are not nearly satisfying enough. We need some prosecutions. Some people need to go to jail. Whenever I see Ari Fleischer, Karl Rove, Torie Clark, or Karen Hughes on TV it feels like a dagger piercing through my heart tearing at the essence of what it means to live in a democracy where the rule of law means something.

I guess being Bush (or one of his cronies) means never having to say you're sorry.

He should pay us all reparations for the misery he put us through these past eight years.

It has been nice these past weeks hearing our sitting President finally make some sense, Can we not keep Bush locked up in his home so he doesn't embarrass us any more? Or at least we could all take turns standing guard, shoe in hand ready to toss just in case he rears his anti-constitutional head!!

We must investigate the Bush crime family!

Arlan Boll

Dana (not verified) 15 years 16 weeks ago

Hi Thom,
I'm a new listener and I must say I'm very impressed with your insights and intelligence. I look forward listening to your show everyday on my way home from work. Somedays I get home too fast and just sit in my driveway. I love your show!

tekstone (not verified) 15 years 16 weeks ago

Framing the Debate:
State-Run Healthcare vs. Private-for-Profit Healthcare

In the current Private-for-Profit healthcare system, it is a proven fact that insurance companies try as hard as they can to DENY claims made by their customers. This is the problem in a nutshell of a healthcare system based on Private-for-Profit companies.

In a State-Run healthcare system, ALL claims will be honored and each case will be reviewed by healthcare professionals and treated appropriately.

Much like the old days when Fire Fighting companies used to compete for customers, modern Health Insurance companies fight for customers. The biggest problem with this method, as we collectively realized and corrected with the Fire Fighting "industry", only those that can pay for care get it.

Fire fighting companies used to only help those houses with their mark on the outside that indicated the occupants were customers of theirs. They would let the homes nearby that carried the mark of a competing company simply burn. We as a society changed this by making the fire fighting forces a branch of government supported by taxpayers.

Today insurance companies fight to deny claims made by their paying customers to save money. This makes as much sense as a for-profit fire fighting company leaving a house to burn because they are not paying customers of theirs.

This is the shortest, most effective argument I can make to "nationalize" healthcare for all US citizens. If I pay my health insurance premium year after year, and one day I need their services - yet they deny my claim for whatever reason - I would be livid... and broke. This is not the way we should live in America.

Richard Brown (not verified) 15 years 16 weeks ago

Thom has talked in the past about meims (not certain of the spelling) taking control of the debate.
It seems to me the best way to control of the health care debate is by stating it's true nature,
a legitimized version of the muggers declaration "your money or your life"

Shayla (not verified) 15 years 15 weeks ago

Hi Thom,
Will you please explain what is meant when people refer to the "single payer" system of universal health care? What specifically would be the government's role, how would we individuals pay for coverage, or would we not have to pay anything at all (other than a tax increase), how would we choose doctors, coverage etc. I hear a lot of talk about universal healthcare but I don't here people explain more specifically how they would want it to work. What is the Obama administration proposing and how does it compare to single payer?

Paul (not verified) 15 years 15 weeks ago

Thom, I'm pro-single payer system all the way. Even though I hear much talk about preventive care and health maintenance, I think they should go a step further and give people an incentive to change their behaviour...and in so doing, help finance the system as well. I'm suggesting that foods that contribute greatly to sending people into the health care system early because of obesity-related disease should be taxed in the same way cigarettes and alcohol products are. I know it would be a dogfight with lobbyists from the various food industries but smart minds focused on the endgame should be able to come up with something.

Also, kudos for you on fixing that gold commercial. I was telling a co-worker the other day that it drove me crazy how you had the inflection in the wrong place and then noticed just a few minutes ago that you finally fixed it. Now I can sleep at night. Thx!

Lucas T (not verified) 15 years 15 weeks ago

Have you read The Political Mind, by George Lakoff? I just started it, but he addresses exactly what Thom is talking about: why people don't act politically in line with "reason."

Michaeleroy (not verified) 15 years 15 weeks ago


The discussion of merit pay for teachers brought to mind my time
in graduate school in Rochester New York almost 20 years ago.
Then and there, the local school district engaged in an attempt
the set up a merit pay system for its teachers. The community,
the school district and the teachers worked hard to come to
mutually agreeable terms for this effort. But as I recall the
sticking point was just how merit should be determined. There is
one person, prominent in this effort, whose name I recall, Adam
Urbanski, a spokesman for the teacher's union. A quick web
search confirmed my memory and revealed that Urbanski is now a
vice president of the American Federation of teachers. Urbanski
has considerable practical experience on this topic, is very
thoughtful and well spoken. I think that he's make a great guest
to expand and inform the discussion on this important topic.


JohndeJardin (not verified) 15 years 15 weeks ago

Hi Thom,

I do think it is possible we, as a culture, have gone over board on synthetic medicine.

However, I can tell you that I believe my life has been saved by Zoloft.

I suffered for months from what I thought was the onset of a terrible internal disease. I had frequent and severe shortness of breath and was terrified to go many places because I never knew when I might start feeling even worse. I had two visits to the Emergency Room with no clear diagnosis. I went to over 12 doctors with different specialty backgrounds. They tested me over several months for asthma, heart disease, lung disease, etc. I had CAT scans, tons of meds and even an angiogram. I just kept getting sicker and sicker. It was a nightmare!

At the end of my rope, and very depressed, I went to a psychiatrist. He believed it was all caused by the onset of Panic/Anxiety Disorder. He got me on Zoloft adjusting the dose until I started feeling much better. The physical improvement was almost immediate. I started counseling as well to help me understand how and why I had suddenly been afflected with this disorder.

Now, 3 years later, I have made fantastic progress. It has not been easy. But I know I could not have gotten through it all without the Zoloft.

I want to add that I have not experienced a flattening of my emotions. I actually have more empathy now and feel much more balanced. My immune system is stronger than ever. I have not had a significant panic attack in over a year. I now have the mental tools that keep me on a much more centered physical and mental plane.

I hope to one day start reducing my Zoloft intake. The doctor said this should be possible.

So let's continue to stress that meds such as Zoloft, Prozac, and the like, can be the golden key to recovery for some people. And of course, keep pushing forward to promote more awareness of safe, natural medicines.


Fingers's picture
Fingers 14 years 10 weeks ago

great to finally get in here I'm a loyal listener and enjoy the no nonsense opinion

Deregulate_This 14 years 8 weeks ago

Hi Thom,

Can you please ask Dr. Batra about the "Benefits" of micro loans? I found an article on New York Times that shows many of the micro loans have rates of 126%

How can loans that charge these exorbitant rates possibly help poor people?

Xorthon's picture
Xorthon 14 years 7 weeks ago

The definition of Evangelism or Evangelical is:

1 : of, relating to, or being in agreement with the Christian gospel especially as it is presented in the four Gospels
2 : protestant
3 : emphasizing salvation by faith in the atoning death of Jesus Christ through personal conversion, the authority of Scripture, and the importance of preaching as contrasted with ritual

The term "Evangelical Atheism" is invalid!!! It's also an oxymoron and is insulting to the irreligious and Christians. Please remove it from your lexicon.

The Age of Reason during the period of the Enlightlenment and the ideas created from it are what America comes from and owes it's existence to!

Reason cannot be transformed into a belief system because of the very natures of Reason and of Religion. To argue against the recognition/celebration of Reason - the very essence of the idea of America - is to be unreasonable and forgetful of this country's founding.

The ever expanding knowledge of our world is born directly from reason.

Your arguement with your guest was very defensive of unreason and spoke to closed mindedness - in my opinion.

Atheism is NOT a religion just because atheists use reason to determine there is no god. In the face of more and more evidence to the contrary, the religious cling even more to their religion because we are also beings of emotion. It is cognitive dissonance that keeps the emotion out of line with reason. Vatican scientists get over this hump by attributing their awe of the universe as they learn more through science to the grandness and genius of their god.

Keep the discussion going but stop calling Atheists that push a little too hard 'evangelical'.

thehamilton's picture
thehamilton 14 years 5 weeks ago

Thom did you see on cbs news 5-19-2010 how they were discussing that oil is washing up on shorelines that are protected by booms.
Don't you think this is because of the dispersants they used to hide the oil from public view? And now it is actually rendering the booms ineffective!

asilomar7's picture
asilomar7 14 years 4 weeks ago

How symbolic - the British are getting back at the US for the Battle of New Orleans, just about the only battle they didn't overpower during the War of 1812. They really held the upper hand all along, always being the largest "foreign" owner of property in the US, and persuading the US to establish trade with them instead of France. It isn't a coincidence that Eisenhower, Reagan, Bush I, Ted Kennedy [actually by Prince Charles] and Alan Greenspan were all knighted by the Queen, or that the UK did not adopt the Euro, or that the Fed Reserve Banks are connected to the Bank of England.

We've been had, and it's been a long time in the making - the screws are nearly all tightened down. No wonder we can barely budge to do anything about it.

modeltim's picture
modeltim 13 years 49 weeks ago

Gulf Spill - Earthquake Catastrophe?

I have heard very little about the potential for a major earthquake or major seismic event that may occur as a result of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. I am not the kind of person who gives credence to crackpot UFO stories but I wonder how likely such a scenario is? The possibility of the oil volcano metastisizing into an earthquake along the New Madrid fault line is mentioned on a website I have come across. They even suggest the triggering of an earthquake so powerful that it could bring about "the end of the world as we know it" for those living in the areas that experienced the great quake of 1811-12.

proletariat88's picture
proletariat88 13 years 48 weeks ago

Good day, Thom, & everyone else in the Chat Room.

Just to keep everyone up to speed, Limbaugh (who I like to call "Limbot," as he is a well-programmed machine of the GOP) is now referring to Obama & the Democrats as the "ruling class." It's sad & infuriating how their side is far more responsible for the rampant economic devestation going on, but then they try to cash in on the "class envy" values by calling out the Democratic Party as the "ruling class." It was bad enough when he called the duly elected President of the USA the "Regime," now he is trying to paint them as elitist & aloof, when we all know it is, in fact, the GOP that is the Party of the Wealthy & the Well-Born.

Xunknowble's picture
Xunknowble 13 years 20 weeks ago

Monks traditionally did labor, made wine and supported themselves. I don't know why anyone else should support people who believe so strongly.

Xunknowble's picture
Xunknowble 13 years 20 weeks ago

The Establishment Clause has been perverted. The tax free status of the church has enabled it to exist and to be political. If religion is so important how could a detail like taxes become an issue? Why should everyone fund sects? The answer is that no one should except those people who wish the sect to exist and reinforce their beliefs and world views.

SueN's picture
SueN 13 years 20 weeks ago

What were the taxes like when the monks were self sufficient?

simchasaul's picture
simchasaul 13 years 17 weeks ago

Hello all!

I need to find a way to break the brain washing of those that blame working people for our economic woes. They refuse to see who the true villains are. Middle claas people are paying a greater percentage of their income then the millionares and billionares. I won't even mention the multinational corporations. Don't we have rules forbiding foriegn nationals from contributing to our campaigns?

The Match's picture
The Match 13 years 13 weeks ago


I saw this article on Americablog, about ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, a group that coordinates corporate written legislation with Republican elected officials in both state and national office. Please help spread the news about this group.

scobiewon's picture
scobiewon 13 years 13 weeks ago

The Republican Screw You Deal.

1. Defund Planned Parenthood. Where millions of women receive their contraception from. This creates more births.

2. Make it nearly impossible for any woman in any circumstance to receive an abortion.

3. Defund WIC. Resulting in poor nutrition for children.

4. Defund Headstart programs. Mom can't go back to work.

5. Cut school budgets and crush teachers unions. Result? Most good teachers leave the profession to get real jobs that pay twice as much. School teachers become glorified babysitters. Johnny can't read.

6. Employers don't care because they sent Johnny's job off shore.

The New World Order.

owkrender 13 years 10 weeks ago

Just a note on Australia. About fifteen years ago, a Scott Walker style Prime Minister was elected. Having the legislative houses on his side, he promptly outlawed union or agency shops, and outlawed employers making dues deductions. It was a 12 year nightmare 'til the guy was thrown out. Can't remember his name.... .

rsmithnocal's picture
rsmithnocal 3 years 21 weeks ago

I guess this room is no longer in use

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