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Topic: Thom is going to ask Craig Shirley, Reagan biographer, the same he asked of his own party - Is the GOP's response to the economic crisis "totally misguided" and based on stale talking points, as David Brooks writes? If so, what's a better alternative? 
And... Is Labor's "card check" bill: A) The beginning of free choice for workers? B) The end of it? C) Wildly overstated by both sides?
Topic: "Everything You Know is Wrong" Topic: "The Invention of Air" Guest: Steven Johnson
Topic: Veteran's issues with Larry Scott Founder/Editor of VA


Natural Wonder (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago


As in the movie 11th hour, we need to mimic natures systems of distribution and checks and balances, this is the key to re-booting our economy.

Natural Wonder (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

On the issue of the dissemination of the truth, I wrote on the 'Contact us' that President Obama owed progressive radio at least publicity. A few days later, wa la and President Obama will be on Ed S Show Thursday, I guess I need to be more specific in letting the Whitehouse know that the President owes the Thom Hartmann show audience an explicit thank you and publicity. All the 'annointed one' [to use a Sean Hannity term] need to do is mention Thom's name and I am sure all progressives will find us!

PS everyday I carry business cards with me that promote progressive radio shows including the actual link and time to tune in in an effort to teach the common wo/man to find us. Just make some up at the local printer and be part of the solution!

mathboy (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

So how do you define the 55-vote filibuster idea? Five ninths? Eleven twentieths? You can't just set it at a particular number of votes; it has to be a fraction of senators present.

I think the danger here is that the bar can be rasied as easily as it is lowered. Let's say the Republicans get the majority again, and let's say they have 70 votes. They could change the cloture rule to require seven tenths.

But the cloture rule applies even to a debate to change the cloture rule--and in fact requires two thirds when changing the rules of the Senate--so you'll have to get 67 senators to agree to let 55 senators end debate thereafter.

Anthony D. Hall (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

Hi Thom. I am listening to the show right now on line through my Palm Treo 755 on KTLK AM 1150 and I heard you talk about Fake Liberals. I have been battling this in Lenoir County, NC.

Democrats hold most of the Local Offices but they aren Not Progressive. And in some cases aren't even Moderates. They are die hard conservative Dems. I can't stand it. I have notified the NCDP about my concerns and the Interim Lenoir County Democratic Party Chairman about this. It was Ironic to me when I heard you say that on the radio because I have been saying it for a very long time now. We didn't even have a Local Democratic Party Website. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Thank you Thom for all you do.

Maggie (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

Good morning,
Look forward to your show each day, and listen on my computer, as I don't get the local Air America station very clearly east of Seattle at my home.

Used to listen at the office, but since my hours have been drastically reduced I'm usually at home...but I am very glad to have some hours, as social security barely covers my necessary insurance premiums!!
Love and appreciate your entertaining continuing education -- so very important for all of us.
Thanks also for the updated music on the breaks.

Cheri Quincy (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

Good morning,
Just an explanation regarding the report that men get along with men better than women with women: there is research indicating that before menopause women tend to be competitors (for the "big dog"?) and that when estrogen levels drop, or perhaps if they're not ovulating, women increase their affinity for other women. There are also differences depending on whether the other women are related or not....

Leslie (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

There isn't enough money, gold or oil in the world right now that would encourage me to trade places with President Obama. I keep hearing everyone saying that the President is trying to take on and tackle too much at once. Does he have much choice right now? Everything we are dealing with at this moment is interconnected to one another. You can't discuss the economy without including health care, employment/employees, the cost of two wars, etc.

I live in South Carolina. I love it here, but unfortunately my representatives, Sen. Graham, Sen. DeMint, Rep. Henry Brown and Gov. Mark Sanford are so caught up in the political machine that they are total disregard for the people they are required to represent. I did not vote for any of the above, but I'm still trying to live under their "regime".

Anyway, thank you for allowing me to rant! I try to listen to you daily via web stream on You are a breath of fresh air. You prove educated and researched information for everyone, regardless of political affiliation.

LeedaMarie (not verified) 13 years 15 weeks ago

"Salon"has a great article by Glenn Greenwald about AIG and the Dodd lie.

Good_Boy (not verified) 13 years 14 weeks ago

MathBoy: Along side a 'cloture' rule, it may be helpful to think about the entire body of forty-three Standing Rules of the Senate, too? Because these Senate parlimentary rules all modify the constitutionally required 'simple majority', for votes in both houses of Congress. Together, these rules add a parlimentary level of complexity. Besides, at the direction of the chair of the Senate (and sometimes, the clerk?) a 'unanimous consent' motion, a.k.a. 'general consent' motion, can end debate when there are no objections present! The general consent motion ignores the subject of what has been debated, or even how intense it may get! Practically, 'general consent' in the Senate, is a parlimentary tool that is used often, or informally, and saves time, and does that civililly!

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