March 19th 2009 On the Program

Tonight in Chicago - Dial-Global syndicated talker Thom Hartmann will go one-on-one tonight in Chicago with Salem Radio Network host Michael Medved. The “Great Debate” — centered on “important issues facing our nation” — will be held at an already sold-outMeadows Club in suburban Rolling Meadows, IL. The event will be moderated by WIND/Chicago’s Cisco Cotto (Medved’s Windy City affiliate) and WCPT/Chicago’s Dick Kay (Hartmann’s local affiliate). In a sign of the new media times we live in the debate will be broadcast live for iPhone users who have the “Talk Radio” application and offered by both stations as a podcast via their respective websites.
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Hour One - The Best of the Rest of the News

Hour Two - Roy Speckhardt  Topic: Will Pres. Obama endorse discrimination against atheists? 

Hour Three - Susan Lindauer - one of the first citizens charged under special judicial provisions of the Patriot Act. She'll explain to Thom how the Patriot Act was used to quash her most fundamental rights of due process.

News under the Radar with Christy Harvey  www.americanprogress.orgunder-the-radar-images

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