Monday 23 March '09 show

  • The economy. The New York Times and Krugman trashing Obama.
  • Article: The Real Criminals are Neither Lynndie England nor the AIG Traders, Thom Hartmann.
  • Article: Treasury Department Releases Details on Public Private Partnership Investment Program.
  • Tim Geithner's plan has been released today. Arguments for and against his approach.
  • Article: Chinese condom conundrum: Buy American or lose jobs?
  • Mortgage problems. Alan Jablonski. Consumer Rights Attorney, California Mortgage Broker.
  • The paradox of thrift.
  • Bumper Music: Speed of Sound, Coldplay.
  • Bumper Music: Crazy, Gnarls Barkley.
  • Article: Mind your pees and queues.
    "A world record in the length of a queue to a toilet was set on Sunday when 756 people lined up to a latrine in central Brussels to raise awareness for the need for clean water on World Water Day."
  • Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA).
  • Dodge v. Ford Motor Co..
  • Why are we denying this generation of children the opportunity to reinvent the world anew?
  • Guest: Dr. Richard Silberstein, Ph.D. in neuroscience. "Dr Richard Silberstein is professor of neuroscience at the Brain Sciences Institute, Swinburne University where he served as founding Director, and is Honorary Senior Principal Research Fellow at the Howard Florey Institute, in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Silberstein has a long standing interest in functional brain imaging and is the inventor of ‘Steady State Topography’ (SST), a technique for mapping rapid changes in human brain activity. Steady State Topography has been used to investigate normal cognitive and emotional processes such short term memory, visual imagery and anxiety as well as disordered brain states such as schizophrenia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. More recently, Dr Silberstein has used an SST variant to investigate the relationship between cognitive ability, including creativity and brain functional connectivity. Dr Silberstein is also Chairman and CEO of Neuro-Insight Pty. Ltd. a company offering SST based brain imaging consulting services to the communication services industry."

    How ADD (Attention deficit Disorder) will save the world and should we all learn to become ADD? Creativity and ADD. His team found that ADHD kids' brains work differently to others. Those with ADHD had more communication between the front and the back of brain. Thom wondered if there was a correlation with creativity, and they tested for it. Steady state topography machine. The results are new to America, being prepared for publication. Creativity correlated like ADHD, as Thom suggested. Brain pattern changes on Ritalin. If Einstein and Edison had been heavily medicated, they may not have been so inventive. Drugs help some kids, not others.

    MENSA members. Creative kids. The Hunter School, which Thom and Louise founded in 1979. Active learning suits them better than passive learning. Fish oil, or vegetable Omega 3. Omega 6. Omega 3 anti-inflammatory, Omega 6 inflammatory. Inflammation in diseases like Alzheimer's. Neurofeedback, (electroencephalogram (EEG) biofeedback), Dawe technique. Brainwaves different. Thom used it in Portland to help him sleep earlier. The "The Edison Gene", "Thom Hartmann's Complete Guide to ADHD". We need to reinvent schools, learning independently, and sustain it outside the schools. They flower doing research. An adult who was beaten down by the school system and is not doing so well, find your passion,

    as a volunteer if you cannot make a living out of it initially. Relationship between ADHD and disabilities such as dyslexia, oppositional defiant disorder. Maybe the latter is a result of frustration with the system, rather than a disorder. Animals function on impulse, is it bad? creativity is more related to ADD - the attentional component - rather than the hyperactivity. Unconscious vs. subconscious.

  • Bumper Music: Working On A Dream, Bruce Springsteen (video).
  • The Hunter School, which Thom and Louise founded in 1979. "The Hunter School is a small, non-profit school where young boys and girls with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Asperger’s Syndrome are nurtured, educated and celebrated. We offer both a residential program and a day school.

    If your child is bright, but struggling to cope in a world that is unprepared to deal with his or her differences, Hunter may be the right resource for your family. We teach children ages 5-15, to thrive and excel in the classroom and beyond.

    At Hunter, students discover how to:

    • Leverage their unique approach to learning
    • Conquer negative behaviors and build self-esteem
    • Live in harmony with those around them

    On [our] web site you’ll find information about our unique approach to educating children with ADD, ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome. We are exceptionally skilled at helping children with extreme learning and behavioral challenges.

  • Bumper Music: You're the Voice, Heart (video).
  • Bumper Music: Save Me, Remy Zero (video).
  • Guest: Amy Goodman, 'Democracy Now!'. Her new book (with her brother David ), "Standing Up to the Madness: Ordinary Heroes in Extraordinary Times" tells the stories of everyday citizens who have challenged the government and prevailed. Her speaking tour, including 03/29 the Seattle Green Festival™ and 05/02 the Denver Green Festival™ (at which Thom is also speaking). Global warming, James Hansen, who was outside the coal fired plant that heats the Capitol, willing to be arrested. "Clean coal". Two nuclear power plants are starting in Georgia, the first for 30 years. Obama is not against nuclear power. Thom is flying to Germany Wednesday. Media, the Seattle Post Intelligencer has closed, just a few people still working on the online version. Others closing. Other people standing up, librarians protecting the privacy of their patrons. Librarians were gagged. Independent book stores going down. A high school play about the war was banned at school, so they were invited to perform on a professional stage.
  • Bumper Music: Shake It Up, The Cars.
  • Tim Geithner refusing to endorse bonus tax. On '60 Minutes' Obama slid around it.
  • Guest: "Labor Segment": Doug Cunningham, Producer, Workers Independent News. Unions can help companies, people on the ground floor come up with good ideas for improvements in efficiency. Joe the Plumber clip. Joe was not a union plumber. Businesses claim unions create job losses, but look at Canada with more unions and fewer unemployed.
  • Bumper Music: Tommy Can You Hear Me? The Who.
  • Clip:
    [Thom Hartmann]: What's the best thing to do when your drains are running slow or clogged up?

    [Joe the Plumber]: Well, what I find the best thing to do is flush your pipes out. I always tell my customers at least once a week in the kitchen, usually that's where, you know, if you have a garbage disposal or ? you fill up both basins, or the single basin, with cold water, hot water really doesn't make a difference, and flush your pipes at least once a week, help that keep it going strong, because the food settles in the pipe and then creates blockages. So flushing the pipes out helps tremendously.

  • Dean on Wall Street compensation: Americans don’t understand rewarding people who did ‘a crappy job’.
  • Clip:

    Mark Haines: "There were some scary stories in the paper over the weekend."

    Erin Burnett: "Mmm-hmm."

    Mark Haines: "About this kind of thing, regulating or somehow impacting executive pay, even among financial companies that didn’t take government money. It’s getting scary."

    Erin Burnett: "Yeah." "
    CNBC’s Haines on executive pay limits: ‘It’s getting scary’.

  • Bumper Music: Change, Bart Crow.
  • Thanks to the folks at WCPT from where Thom broadcast last Thursday and Friday.
  • Victoria Jones of Talk Radio News. The president spoke about Tim Geithner, number of legs on the stool, Geithner said, "We're not Sweden, we have a very complicated financial system". Thom has different criticisms to Paul Krugman, but hopes it works. News from the UK; the US review of Afghanistan and Pakistan says there is a need for a new Prime Minister to bypass Karzai, and money should bypass him and go to the provinces. The Supreme Court turned back the appeal of the border guards who shot a Mexican.
  • On the show tomorrow: Jamie Glazov who says feminists turn a blind eye to “Islam’s hatred of women”, and Roberts, "The End of Food".


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