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There's a buzz growing around nationally syndicated talk show host Thom Hartmann, whose nationally syndicated daily program is drawing high marks by those who are on the lookout for talk radio's “Great Liberal Hope.”
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Dial Global and WYD Media Management announced today anagreement that begins March 1, 2009 for Dial Global to provide both advertisingsales and affiliate representation for The Thom Hartmann Program. The ThomHartmann Program, broadcast Monday through Friday noon to 3p.m. ET, iscurrently featured programming in markets across the country including LosAngeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Detroit, Seattle, Portland and Miami.

“With the addition of Thom Hartmann, Dial Global solidifiesits position as the premiere content provider of the very best Progressive TalkRadio. Dial Global now offers 12 hours of proven, winning progressive talkshows. We’re delighted to work with Thom and WYD,” said Dial Global Senior VP& GM News/Talk Amy Bolton.

“We are excited to grow the Program with the folks at Dial Global. We are especially excited to have Amy Bolton and her expanded affiliate salesteam work with our show to increase affiliates around the nation,” said hostThom Hartmann.

“It is great to be reunited with so many friends and formercolleagues who are at Dial Global. In a tough economic environment we arepleased to be working with such an aggressive team on all aspects of ourbusiness,” said WYD Media Management’s Ron Hartenbaum.

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Remember The Fifth of November? | The Radio Kitchen (not verified) 14 years 2 weeks ago

[...] the top ten of Talker’s Magazine’s “Heavy Hundred” talk show hosts) has abandoned Air America as well. One time CEO Mark Green is pulling out as well, to get back into NYC politics. [...]

RalphD's picture
RalphD 12 years 48 weeks ago

Arizona would not have had the opportunity to be accused of all kinds of horrific actions against illegal immigrants if Congress and the President were taking care of the people's business. However, they are busy taking care of corporate business, for which they are being paid. If the people want their elected representatives to take care of the people's business, they must get with the program and begin bribing their elected representatives with campaign contributions and perks.

Meanwhile, the borders remain open, not only to illegal immigrants, but to drug trafficking and collaborative crimes, and, of course, to any terrorist that wants to pay a transport fee for assistance in crossing the border illegally.

Give credit where credit is due, Thom--to the Federal elected officials. Unfortunately you've taken advantage of the pissed off Arizona folks to beat up conservatives and scare folks with the horrific possibilities inherent in the Arizona law. Focus on the Feds.

Deregulate_This 12 years 47 weeks ago

Hi Thom,

The article in the Times referring to the Micro Loans is :

jmilano1's picture
jmilano1 12 years 44 weeks ago

This is all fine and dandy sir but lets not forget who has over the last 50 FIFTY years been in office more? And has accomplished the least? Lets look at the FACTS do some research I think if you do your homework you will be surprised. Who hires these people? Who bribes the officials? Who has the money to do the bribing? Who and what class of U.S. Citizens has the ability to influence lawmakers? May I remind you sir it is not the common working man!

The real question is who has been at the chopping end of every merger, buyout, corporate scam, not enough bottom line profit, and layoff while management gets a big fat bonus for doing such a GREAT JOB! I say focus on the FAT CATS THAT ARE DOING THE HIRING to save a buck, then calling the I.N.S. so they don't have to make payroll time after time.

These people (illegal immigrants) only want to feed their families, just like you and I. As for the criminal aspect the percentage is if you really look at it is very small comparatively. We here in the United States live in a glass house can we afford to cast stones? Remember our prisons are filled with (what are the called? OH Yea Criminals) we have nothing to brag about. Our borders are safe and secure we have friendly neighbors so let’s not change that. Therefore let’s STOP the SCARRY talk and talk common sense.

STOP the blame game the laws are in place and are just not enforced “why?” the people who do the hiring don’t want to pay a LIVING wage that includes benefits such as health insurance, unemployment insurance, ECT… to an AMERICAN CITIZEN!

This is the bottom line. Slavery is cheap, American labor cost your bottom line and infringes in your profit margin. And we can’t have that, can we?

If you look at the “BIG PICTURE” I think you will find those people in question that I am talking about are doing the most of the complaining the hiring and have all the money. These people also have the ability to BUY the politicians to change the laws. But what do I know … I work for a living, do you?


Conservative = There is never enough money in my pocket and I don’t care about anyone but myself. I want smaller government and help from the Government only when it is convenient and benefits only me and my kind .


hsaive's picture
hsaive 12 years 41 weeks ago


There are too many Americans, Canadians, Australians, Brits and Chinese who know that pre-planted exploves were used to bring down the Twin Towers and WTC-7 on 9/11/2001. This issue is settled science in the minds of millions of "We the People" in the professional groups of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, Author, David Ray Griffin and the International team of Scientists who published a peer reviewed scientific paper describing the explosive (super-thermite) that was used as the primary demolitions of the towers.

You lose huge credibility and do disservice to the the people's quest for the "truth" about 9/11 when you recklessly use the Bush/Cheney version of 9/11 events as the merits of your debate.

I read many of your fine books, but now I'd like you to return the favor by reading at least one David Ray Griffin Book: "The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7 - why the final official report about 9/11 is unscientific and false." Every one of Griffin's books is well sourced to provide a quality of factual data that stands alone to devastate the Bush/Cheney story.

Thom, we challenge you to spend some time learning about the Bush/Cheney lies of 9/11. It's very important to have our progressive leaders speaking the unambiguous truth about why we went to war and why our civil liberties are at all began with 9/11...Is that why 9/11 is the most taboo topic in all of progressive and right-wing talk radio?. Why don't you do a program on that? Why not invite Architect, Richard Gage on your show, or David Ray Griffin?. Can you help us stop the 9/11 talk radio taboo.?

When asked, you always say you're in favor of a new 9/11 investigation...but your shows are never pro-activley reflect your fall-back view. . Your fellow "progressives" are asking YOU to be pro-active to break the spell of the progressive talk radio 9/11 taboo.

Thom, It's not "progressive" until you expose the 9/11 cover-up

Harold Saive

Barbrowne's picture
Barbrowne 12 years 34 weeks ago

I can't believe what I heard on your show. Someone is advocating letting their privacy be infringed by commercialism for the sake of "convenience"? Have we become a nation of ignorance? How can people put their heads in the sand after watching our world be compromised by corporations? We have given corporations the rights of people so their power over our lives is paramount to our own. Look at the BP disaster in the Gulf. Because of greed the accident happened. Because of greed Cheney had closed door meetings with energy officials giving away all our rights to oversight on their desires for more profit. And now we are allowing corporations to have complete sway over our politics with unllimited funding of campaigns, and no accountability if the Republican corporatists continue to impede progress in Congress. How can anyone not see what is happening right in front of our eyes? There is no separation of corporate and government worlds. We are being bought and sold by Corporations with our own willingness to not see and desire for "fun" or "convenience". We need a prime directive of "Do No Harm" before convenience.

fourarrows's picture
fourarrows 12 years 16 weeks ago

Thank you Harold for your reasonable and passionate request for Thom to have the courage to face what Ed Shultz has admitted is "the death knoll of talk radio." He was referring to "conspiracy theories" and yet what percentage of all the talk on left and right wing media is not ultimately about whether two or more people somehow agree to commit an unlawful act? Acceptance of the "official" (Bush-Cheney) version of 9/11 is so much an assault on the consistency of talk radio's most intelligent personality (Thom), that for him to continue to "play the game" as if all the wiki-leaks, all the lies about why we invaded Iraq, all the censorship of climate change science, do not reveal what the 9/11 commision authors say about their own investigation- that the government lied. Now we have a brilliant move on the part of the right wing (Fox and Beck) who by "siding" with the 9/11 truth movement have played the "divide and conquer" card so that for reasonable people who can see the facts about free-falling buildings are forced to look to the propagandists for support! Thom, you endorsed one of my own books, Teaching Virtues: BUilding Character Across the Curriculum. Remember? So did Noam Chomsky and many others. Well, it is time to use your own brilliant mind and risk any loss of reputation you fear losing and study the facts as you know how to do and then report them!


Four Arrows (aka Don Trent Jacobs, Ph.D., Ed.D.)

alexanderpope70's picture
alexanderpope70 10 years 51 weeks ago

Live stream noon-3 PM ET at "The Thom Hartmann Program" is a tremendus show had ever hear on radio . Repeated continuously for 24 hours, in a 128K Broadcast Quality MP3 format compatible with Barix and conventional PC/Mac-based systems. There are segments which I had overlaid with local underwriting or other promotional content for 60 or 120 second format.

Thanks Thom Hartmann for the radio Program !

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