April 10th 2009

bernie-sanders-imageTopic: "Brunch With Bernie" Senator Bernie Sanders www.sanders.senate.gov

Topic: "Avoiding depression from the economic recession" Author & Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona joins Thom www.mehl-madrona.com


KMH (not verified) 15 years 10 weeks ago

Does Bernie have specific location information on these community health centers? Could a web site be set up or do we just sort of crawl around our own cities and hope to find one of these- could not the White house put such a data base together for us? -

Especially the dental care........!

Matthew Filler (not verified) 15 years 10 weeks ago

Of course you got only about 30 votes on usury. Most of the biggest contributors to the other 70 Senators were big banks that have been bailed out, merged into banks, or went bankrupt. See the campaign finanace web site. I looked at a sample - 4 of 4 SenatorsI looked at, including 1 Democrat, had 4 of their 5 biggest cotributors that were banks). Bankruptcy probably stops Lehman.

Are any of these now prohibited from continuing to contribute to Congressional Campaigns?

Has there been any discussion of this in congress? I don't suppose anyone thought of banning contributions by the other bailed-out banks. What a confilict of interest!

This is going to be a major scandal. Not sure when, but it will be within the next 2 years.

Jake Hermosa (not verified) 15 years 10 weeks ago


Last week you mentioned Title I in a conversation about stimulus to education
Question> Under the Equal Protection Act how is it fair that a neighbor city in CA receives enough Title I $ to keep ALL their teachers when Manhattan Beach, a more affluent city is forced to lay off ALL elementary librarians, PE teachers, computer science teachers, math and reading specialists, 100 teachers forcing elemenatry class sizes to increase from 22 to 44 ?
How is that fair ?
What can we do ?
The Governor already has stripped education to the bones
Thank you

Matthew Filler (not verified) 15 years 10 weeks ago

See http://www.opensecrets.org/overview/topcontribs.php

3 of top 5 campaign contributers were Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, and Citigroup. Morgan Stanley was #8. American Bankers Assn #11.
BofA #17. Merrill Lynch #19. That is 7 of the top 20 (vs 3 political, 3 labor, 1 other national trade organization, and 6 other corporations).

Got to go to work.

KMH (not verified) 15 years 10 weeks ago

Did everyone see this and make your phone call? I just did - I got an answering machine of course....

Call Attorney General Eric Holder Now
(ALTERNATE # Office of the Attorney General - 202-353-1555)

KMH (not verified) 15 years 10 weeks ago

One more thing, what are the chances of pushing some funding out into the herbal medical professions. I have successfully healed everything on me so far and I am still ticking this way. This could also be introduced through nutrition education as Hippocrates said 'Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.'

Think of the money this would save our economy and also inject into it, demand for herbals and organic farming and apothecaries.

Frank Feuerbacher (not verified) 15 years 10 weeks ago

I just listened to wiliam Greider on NOW

Frank Feuerbacher (not verified) 15 years 10 weeks ago

(Dang computers)
I just listened to William Greider on Now with Bill Moyers (3/27). He would make a great guest about the banking crisis and how we are going down the wrong path. Also The 4/3 NOW with guest Bill Black is very informative. Black asserts there is mass fraud going on in the banking system.

Bruce (not verified) 15 years 10 weeks ago

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER the number of the SENATE BILL that Bernie Sanders mentioned on Friday (April 10, 09) ? -- the one that only got 30 or 32 votes? I have been unable to a recorded vote anywhere. Is it bill S.582? - that has no significant action recorded.

Not one "news" show on TV or radio has been more interested in a discussion with pundits or "analysts" on that vote than on the new anti-gay-marriage ad. Of course, gay marriage will help credit card rates, right?

I'd like to know how I can help to change the non-exposure and wrong votes in the Senate. I can be emailed at brucesmath3@yahoo.com

Bruce - p.s. - oops (not verified) 15 years 10 weeks ago

Referring to above post... S582 -- meaning the cap on credit card rates / usury bill.

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