April 22 2009 Wednesday

Hour 1: Thom talks to Elizabeth de la Vega www.truthout.org "Of Black Holes and Radio Silence."

Hour 2: Don Siegelman is showing up briefly for an update. www.donsiegelman.org 

Topic: Eamonn Fingleton, former editor of  Financial Times & Forbes,  drops by about the Japan economy and what that has to do with us.

Hour 3: "Grand New Party: How Conservatives Can Win the Working Class and Save the American Dream" Thom challenges Reihan Salam, Fellow at the New America Foundation and Associate Editor of The Atlantic www.newamerica.net



Freedom Now (not verified) 13 years 9 weeks ago

Reihan Salam talked a lot but said NOTHING.
He talked a mile a minute ,similar to people on cocaine or speed, and said nothing at all about the Republican party and how their "values" have drifted.
He is sounds like one of he creatures that hijacked the once great party and uses it for his own best interest.
Like the right wing Christians, they use the solidarity and refusal to admit their mistakes, Republicans to further their own agenda.

janeofdane (not verified) 13 years 9 weeks ago

I recall stories about detainee family members being arrested or disappeared in order to pressure prisoners to talk and now, in the torture memos, we have tales of children placed in small boxes with insects. Remember too, Seymour Hersch said there was evidence of rape of women and children and I remember reading (from Amnesty International?) that there were detainee wives and children who are missing to this day.

If we could rationalize torturing "high-value" detainees, how can we rationalize torturing their wives or children?

There is so much more to know about what went on under the Bush regime.

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