Call Attorney General Eric Holder Now


When Eric Holder was asked if he was taking another look at other public corruption prosecutions, like the conviction of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman or other cases against in Alaska, Holder said he didn't have any reviews under way.

"But I always want to ensure that the Justice Department acts in a way that is consistent with the long tradition of this great department - that we treat people fairly, that if we make mistakes we admit them and that we then take the appropriate action," Holder said.


mstaggerlee (not verified) 13 years 11 weeks ago

OK - I suppose that by this point I should know better than to attempt to find anything that resembles logic in the policies of the American Right, but can anyone explain this one to me?

The party that insists that every zygote MUST be carried to full term and delivered - i. e. the "RIGHT to life" folks - now also insist that once a child is born, it has NO RIGHTS until it reaches the age of 18.

Have I got that straight?



"Of course the "New Right" is wrong - that doesn't make WRONG the new RIGHT."

LaughingCat (not verified) 13 years 11 weeks ago

Louise, can you incorporate the AG's phone number into this article?

I keep up with the world with a RSS reader and the telephone number does not appear with the feed. The only way I found it was by signing in and going to the home page where it leads the Don Siegelman story.

For those still looking, the number is (202) 514-2001, or alt. # Office of the Attorney General - 202-353-1555

u hardiman (not verified) 13 years 11 weeks ago

I wonder why has not, and can now an organization be built with the sole purpose being to seek and fight unconstitutional, laws and practices. It is obvious that 'we' does not exist in America, it is plainly 'them against us'. They are always after you, trying to get the authorities on you, have your things, effects, property, etc, taken away from you. They do different than the laws, and constitution say, but the only cause trouble for others. All over Portland you see them roaming around, trying to steal 'homeless' americans sleeping bags, and that includes white women who are 'homeless' too! Such an organization, as mentioned forgoing, is way overdue.

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