May 25th 2009 - Monday


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Topic: "From bailout to bankruptcy" Ralph Nader stops by on America's failing auto industry

Topic: "Paul Newman..A Life" Film Critic/Author Shawn Levy offers a look at the man "behind blue eyes"

Topic: "Everything You Never Knew About Memorial Day" Historian Ken Davis talks about the significance of the holiday


Richard Adlof (not verified) 15 years 4 weeks ago

What is the name of the attorney that does the mortgage renegoitation. He wrote book on dealing with how to and what to look for in getting a mortgage.

ALSO the old site used to allow searches on prior subjects . . . I can't find the search engine box.

Richard Adlof (not verified) 15 years 4 weeks ago

Found it: Alan Jablonski of

Can be contacted at or by phone at (562) 343-5383.

Navigating the Mortgage Maze.

Richard Adlof (not verified) 15 years 4 weeks ago

My anger burns hotter than a thousand white hot suns for the sins they committed in our name. We, the People, are better than these fear-filled plutocrats have inflicted. The blood of our blood has been spilt for hundreds of years in the name of Justice and they defaced all that we have readily given.

We, the People, have been broken all belief by those who are supposed to be the guardians of the Commons and the protectors of our Constitution.

The chicken-hawk bastards in the just prior Administration intentionally chose and willfully planned and executed TORTURE in your and mine and We, the People's name. They violated everything every principle America stands for to forward a fascist plutocratic land grab and seared their mark on the face of our planet and in history in the blood of American troops and Iraqi citizens.

The current Administration under the expert hand of that just right of the middle of the road centrist is fighting to avoid doing the righteous thing and deal with the situation in a JUST and LAWFUL manner. They do this on the dirt hollowed by the name of a man who commanded that no man be tortured and a goddess named for justice and inclusion of all.

The great and good goddess Columbia wears a blindfold and carries scales and sword for all humans. It is time that she be allowed to do her job.

B Roll (not verified) 15 years 4 weeks ago

Hey Richard,

Today is Tuesday and you're posting on the Monday page.

But the attorney you're asking about is Alan Jablonski.

His website is and he has a book out"
Successfully Navigating the Mortgage Maze"

Richard Adlof (not verified) 15 years 4 weeks ago

I just figured that out . . . ERF. . . .

Deregulate_This (not verified) 15 years 3 weeks ago

Hi Thom - Please, ask Bernie to tighten G.A.A.P. standards. Currently, a company can report huge profits to Shareholders and simultaneously report huge losses to the IRS. Under current standards: Both statements are perfectly legal.

Get Tough on Crime measure - we should institute a formula for financial crimes. If a person can get 10 years for stealing $1,000 in a robbery, then that should be the formula: 10 years for every $1,000 ---- Charles Keating would still be in jail.

Mark (not verified) 15 years 3 weeks ago

In under the radar-under the radar news last week, the Supreme Court rendered a 5-4 decision to allow police to continue to interrogate people even after the presence of an attorney has been requested. This is yet another example of the continuing assault on individual rights by the Court’s current majority. Justice Kennedy, allegedly the “swing” vote on the court, continues to prove that he has no moral or ethical center. Maybe these guys watch too much television; shows like “Law and Order” portray cops and prosecutors who always get their man (it’s always a man) within the first five minutes. They’re never wrong--thus their trampling of civil rights with over-the-top self-righteousness is never called into question. When I was young, there actually were TV shows where individual rights against abuse by the system were paramount; today, the opposite is true—all we have are charicatures according to the latest propaganda and “special victims.”—none of whom ever lie.
In regard to the the alleged problem Sonia Sotomayor has in regard to the New Haven fire fighter issue, the complaints almost seems incestuous: it is always some white guy’s son, brother, father, or cousin, as if being a firefighter is an occupation passed down from white father to white son. This is white “privilege” of a sordid sort. I wonder if the token Hispanic in the lawsuit realizes that these people could just as easily turn on him. It is interesting to note that most Hispanics in New Haven are Puerto Rican, just like Sotomayor; since she sided against her “ethnicity” in this case in order to see the bigger picture, this should reflect well on her.
One-third of the population of New Haven is African-American; the white population has a large Italian-American contingent, and knowing the racist element that exists in that population (see Tom Tancredo, Bensonhurst, I think bigotry should not be rewarded. Or arrogance, for that matter; at the airport, the white fire fighters, whenever they decide to leave their compound, like to offer contemptuous remarks about people not like them. The problem is, the people they disparage are actually doing something resembling hard work, while they themselves rarely do anything useful unless some jett fueler accidentally spills something on the ramp.
There was an incident that occurred in Republican Kent that has also troubled me. A few years ago there was a fire in the downtown area, which burned out two Hispanic businesses; apparently a crew repairing the roof of the building they were located in placed down hot tar which started the fire. I heard about the fire a few hours after it occurred, and decided to take a look for myself. What I saw gave new meaning to word “containment.” The part of the block-long building where the Hispanic businesses were located was completed gutted; the side of the wall to the rest of the building that directly abutted these establishments barely appeared to be singed. Across the street, patrons of some redneck bar were speaking disparagingly of the “Mexicans.” Two firefighters who happened to be there seemed to be amused by the whole scene; when I walked past them I said “You let this happen, didn’t you?” But of course that can’t be true.
Anyways, I thought I’d comment on that posting from a listener that Thom read at the close of business on Friday. What came to mind? Umm—sycophantic, icky-poo, sticky-sweet, saccharine, sappy, gushy, corny and otherwise a valentine to Thom’s ego, apparently so fragile it is in need of such reinforcement. At first I was amused, but like with all such consumption of fatty, high-calorie/low-protein content, nausea set in. I’m quite incapable of it myself.

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