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B Roll (not verified) 15 years 7 weeks ago

What a breath of fresh air, Peter. In a few minutes, your conversation with Dar Jamal provided more information and honesty than on the Israel/Palestine issues than Thom has been willing to contemplate in years.

max s (not verified) 15 years 7 weeks ago

Dar has provided great information since I first heard him on DemocracyNow in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq. Kudos to this choice of a guest.

Sufilizard (not verified) 15 years 7 weeks ago

As far as torture, republicans seem to like to oversimplify everything except when it comes to morality.

Right is right and wrong is wrong. It seems pretty simple until you realize that the right is usually wrong and the left is often right.

moonbat666 (not verified) 15 years 7 weeks ago

It's true that the cowards running the country were afraid after 911. The response was typical of bullies to beat the hell out of anybody, usually Arab and of course color other than the color of themselves. The Iraq war was nothing more than a hate crime fueled by Cheney"s desire to take over the oil fields and the military deserter, W to strut around destroying a defenseless nation. The Bush crime family should be prosecuted for war crimes. Anything less than that is a crime in of itself. In other words, to let these war criminals off is un-American!!!!!!!!

B Roll (not verified) 15 years 7 weeks ago


It seems like you’re accepting contradictory facts about 911. On the one hand, you seem to be accepting the belief that the 911 attacks were an inside job, i.e., a government conspiracy. On the other hand, you’re critical of the Bush administration for being terrified after 911 as recently stated by Condolezza.

Can you see the contradiction? If they did it, what were they afraid of? Was it a case of “stop me before I kill again”? This acceptance of contradictory “facts” is one of the weaknesses I see in the “911 Truth Movement”.

Another example is the claim that Donald Rumsfeld stopped flying on commercial aircraft prior to 911. If the administration was behind the attacks, wouldn’t they know when they were going to do it and which flights they were going to use?

As for David Ray Griffin, he’s spent much of his professional life trying to explain why the God he believes in can create a world with a few phrases, but can’t intervene in the massive suffering that occurs on that world. For example, 50-60 thousand people will die of starvation today.

I’m not impressed by David Ray Griffin’s credentials.

I've also noticed that notable former intelligence people who have become fierce critics of the Bush administration seem to accept that the attacks were planned and carried out by al Qaeda. There are also the reports that the governments of several other countries tried to warn the U.S. about upcoming attacks. Were they warning the U.S. about the U.S. attacking itself?

Textynnn (not verified) 15 years 7 weeks ago

The Real Opposition of Single Payer Health Care.

Something that people don't talk about much is the fact that the whole medical insurance industry was created to protect large companies against employees hurt or poisoned on the job. These medical companies were expanded immediately to include townspeople as soon as they were able to figure out the model. These large companies created Medical insurance groups to protect themselves from anyone being able to sue them. The current Medical Insurance Complex is a Trojan Horse!! It's much more than that now, but its true identity is the Trojan Horse.

In the famous Erin Brockovitch case we had all the victims of PG&E being served by PG&E company doctors. PG&E sent in their own doctors to take care of the sick town’s people and to treat them for problems they knew were caused by PG&E's own toxins. These doctors, paid by PG&E, lied straight out to these people. The first insurance legislation was created by Kaiser, a big corporation that specializes in mining and metals world wide. This is one of the dirtiest industries in the world. The Medical Insurance Agency is a Trojan Horse created to protect the world's giant corporations ability to dispose of filth cheaply right in our own backyards. Cheaply, if you don't count the cost of human suffering, pain, grief, loss, etc. They also enjoy the luxury of running dirty work sites that aren't expensive to run with disposable employees.

If you have medical problems that the medical insurance group approves of or that won't keep you from working all day, they will help you. Otherwise, you're going to be put on the short list for ending service one way or another. The doctors operate without too much conscience because they are relieved of making these decisions by the bean counters and they don't have to feel conflicted. Any problems you might have involving possible exposure to industrial toxic chemicals will never be considered, tested for, or discussed. No matter how often you bring up this concern there will be no notes taken of this for the record.

I have been dealing with HMOs providers that are completely married to huge polluters in my town. Very long story involving city water, 200 years of history, the railroad and oil industry, superfund sites, and thousands of documented illnesses at world record numbers in my hometown.

Nothing protects a polluter more than a sick person with no access to health care. But to insure complete dominance of the land and resources at a cheap price, the medical health care industry provides a controlled health care designed to deflect victims from information regarding their illnesses and knowledge of exposure to chemical industrial waste. Most importantly, these victims are unable to create documentation. They are completely censored from understanding and proving a case against anyone in any way.
This is the veiled truth of the Medical insurance companies. We are not just fighting the medical insurance companies for single payer health care; we are fighting all the other major polluters sitting quietly in the corner protecting their interests.

I know this might sound kind of conspiracy theory-ish, but if you think about it, you will see why big business isn't clamoring to relieved themselves of the burden of health care. Of course we cannot forget the Pharmaceutical Industry, they are also involved. They protect themselves from lawsuits by controlling aspects of the medical industry as well.

We are in for the big fight and people must understand who ALL the players are and what cards are being held. There is much at steak here and this part of the elite's activities are not really exposed or even understood.

Peace People, Keep up the good fight.

WhiteBear (not verified) 15 years 7 weeks ago

Wake up Lefties! The "theory" that airplanes destroyed WTC and that Osama Bin Laden was responsible is unfortunately naive and dismissive. There is a creditable and growing body of evidence that the towers and WTC#7 where destroyed by internal demolition charges of some undetermined type (There are multiple theories). The buildings did not pancake, they exploded into dust before our eyes. That is approximately 500,000 tons of steel and concrete per building vaporized in nine seconds. The most damming evidence is the rate of destruction : 9 seconds which is free fall speed which means there was NO resistance from the underlying structures. This is impossible. WTC#7 which was not hit by any aircraft "collapsed" into it's own footprint at about 5.00 pm on 9/11.Only a controlled demolition which takes months to plan can do this.

Simply put, the required energy to destroy such large structures in the manner observed is many orders of magnitude greater than that created by gravitational acceleration alone.

Please go to to educate yourself. These are professional architects and engineers that can't accept the official version based on the observable evidence. They only want a public and completely open government investigation with subpoena power and witnesses under oath where all the evidence can be presented.

I don't know who destroyed WTC and I don't know why (I do have my own theories) but I do know the official explanation is absolute BS.

Finally got to and click on the 10 Most Wanted. Click Usama Bin Laden. Notice that he is not wanted for any crimes related to 9/11.

Richard Adlof (not verified) 15 years 7 weeks ago

Melanie Sloane, of the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington fame, for SCOTUS!

Stuart Rovin (not verified) 15 years 6 weeks ago

Peter B. Collins made a remark in passing about the single biggest obstacle to peace in the Middle East being AIPAC. Why is it always Israel or American Jews who support Israel who are singled out as obstacles to peace. It seems like you are so willing to "overlook" suicide bombings (really homicide bombings), monetary and ideological support for terror by Iran, murderous behavior by Hamas and Hezbollah, and Hamas stated policy, which call for extermination of the Jewish state. If you really think you can single out Israel without acknowledging any of the aforementioned, then you're really disingenuous lack any true commitment to justice.

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