July 1st 2009 - Wednesday

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Quote of the Day: "The spirit of Democracy cannot be established in the midst of terrorism, whether governmental or popular" --Mohandas K. Gandhi

Hour One: "Thom is asking Dan - What's wrong with Socialism?" www.businessandmedia.org Dan Gainor

Guest: Peter DeFazio is calling in to tell us why he voted  - No! - on Cap & Trade.

Hour Two: Pastor Ken Pagano asked his flock to bring their hangguns to church - Thom will be asking him - Shouldn't he lose his tax exempt status?

Hour Three: "Everything You Know is Wrong - Space, the Final Frontier? NASA's plan to bomb the moon?!" Thom talks with futurist Alfred Webre www.peaceinspace.org

Guest: Juan Almendares is calling in from the Honduras to fill in us in on the coup.

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