Thom discusses Rush Limbaugh and the GOP. Watch the video.


edward capo beach (not verified) 12 years 15 weeks ago

does it cost $ for those things? was social security intentionally destroyed by so called conservatives. do our reps on the hill except for the few souls willing to make a better world pool understand that Europe has the better plan for the future.

Delguy (not verified) 12 years 15 weeks ago

Thom says more in 3 sentences than the right wing said in the whole discussion. I certainly hope the dimwit in the middle is right when he says Limbaugh is the voice of the Republican party.If his ratings go up who cares? The Rethugs will get 25% instead of 23%?

ejohn (not verified) 12 years 15 weeks ago

Way to edit it before Thom makes an ass out of himself! Rush is the "head" of the conservatives, not the Republicans. The reason Republicans are failing is because they are compromising their values. Obama will push Americans over the edge with this healthcare b.s. and seal his fate in the next election.

Michael Gregory (not verified) 12 years 15 weeks ago

You're right ejohn, Our health care system is b.s., and Americans are on edge about it.

If Obama can convince Congress to pass a bill that includes a strong public option, he will seal his fate in being reelected to a 2nd term. Anything less is nothing but a concession to the insurance companies and a slap in the face to the American people.

Jim Irwin (not verified) 12 years 15 weeks ago

Well said Thom, especially on the comment about Limbaugh being like P.T. Barnum. Quite simply, one can sum things up in five words... FOX News ... for braindead people!

FREUDE (not verified) 12 years 14 weeks ago


Richard Adlof (not verified) 12 years 14 weeks ago


I beg to differ with you, Mr. Hartmann was factually correct and his analysis was dead on. It makes no difference that recessivists are labeling Republican Party politicians as failures and attempting to distance themselves from the Party. The Republican branding over the last 130 years has been sucessful in marrying them to the recessivist movement. They ARE your leaders and Mr. Limbaugh is their voice. In the end, 60 milion folk can bob them heads up and down to the drone of Mr. Limbaugh bloviating BUT there are 270 million other folk who realize that he is full of shit.

ejohn (not verified) 12 years 14 weeks ago


Can you please explain then why Air America and Thom have such a small audience and have to fight for ad support?

Steve (not verified) 12 years 14 weeks ago

Thom is outstanding in getting his points across in small sound bites. Fox News thrives on this and Thom was quick! The reference to P.T. Barnum in regards to Rush Limbaugh’s negative media exposure is classic. I laughed so hard.

I view Rush Limbaugh and most of the "News Personalities” on Fox News.... as steroid popping, larger than life, pro wrestler actors compared to “real news personality” athletes that you see in the Olympic Games and independent news networks.

As to ejohn’s question as to “why Air America and Thom have such a small audience”, I believe that Thom is doing very well and we have seen his audience expand rapidly and he’s already getting the attention of Fox! (FYI - I believe Thom recently moved his broadcast to Dial Global)

We also have to take into consideration that Rush Limbaugh is broadcasting on Premiere Radio Networks, (a wholly owned subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications) and Fox News is part of a huge media monopoly of which I believe that Rupert Murdoch still ownes 29% voting share of. Both of these media conglomerates are masters of entertainment with lots cash, access to the airwaves... but not so much on accurate news.

I would like to see Thom in some “One on One” debates with Rush or the Fox News stable of talking heads (which I’m sure Fox has already thought about). If you’ve read any of Thom Hartmann’s books, listened to his radio show or seen some of his video presentations... I suspect that no one has mustered up the guts to take him on. Thom doesn’t act, each “verbal” punch will hurt and have substance to back it up. Can you imagine the glazed over eyes, stammering and yammering of his opponents before they hit the mat? LOL!

ejohn (not verified) 12 years 14 weeks ago

I agree that I'd love to see Thom go up against a Limbaugh or Hannity. However, seeing as though he RARELY takes any challenging calls on-air, I don't think that will happen. Ever notice that he only books kooky right-winger guests that any moron could pick apart?!? Is that because it is all he can get or all that he wants?

Steve (not verified) 12 years 14 weeks ago

I've heard several very good exchanges and apposing views on-air while listening to Thom Hartmann, which is why I listen to his show and have started watching his video taped debates and presentations. As a radio host, he could easily cut the caller off but usually doesn't unless he's up against a hard commercial break. I appreciate intelligent debates because I learn the most from them. I personally don't like to listen to talk show hosts that "preach to the quire" which is what I believe Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck and others seem to do. But these guys know who their audience is and pull in very large salaries by playing to them.

I'd like to hear Thom debate some of these guys and more importantly, politicians who are deciding extremely important issues such as health care... if they could dispense with the shout downs and present the facts.

Justin (not verified) 12 years 14 weeks ago

Go Thom!
Got their panties in a bunch for a second there with that PT Barnum talk.
All hail boss Limbaugh.

Robert (not verified) 12 years 13 weeks ago

After watching this video, I have to say that I am not at all impressed with Mr. Hartman. He had absolutely nothing of substance to contribute to the discussion. I find it ironic that he referenced P.T. Barnum while talking about Rush; he should look in the mirror. "The vast majority of Americans want national health care?" Are you kidding me? What the vast majority of Americans want is for the government to GET THEIR MITTS OFF of all the things they are tampering with!!! The government, more often than not, is the PROBLEM...NOT the solution!

Brian (not verified) 12 years 13 weeks ago

You are obviously not aware of what you are saying. When is it a good idea to have competition with mega huge companies that are constantly merging and selling themselves off to one another? Health care companies and big pharm in particular are making giant profits on our health. How is that good for us? Look at the facts; they screwed us, and they screwed up our economy by using unsustainable methods of creating profit. They don't compete! They split it up so they don't compete. It's like two or three world class golfers never entering the same tournament because they can all make out well of they take turns winning. We pay the bill at the end of the day. In this case our children do as well, and possibly their children as well.

We need to turn off the free trade into America as it is NOT mutual. We need to get the .gov into the fray when it comes to competition in several markets that are in the commons (this includes regulating big pharm, getting involved in insurance,and maybe using some of those "socialist" anti-monopoly laws and breaking up some of the big unsustainable megacorps out there).
Post Office: Was .gov run for years. USP, FedEX, and others all made them better with the competition. They eventually started to turn a profit and all of them give good services and competitive prices. When have we seen that in the insurance racket? It's little more than government sanctioned racketeering.

You sound like you should be a rich guy the way you spout the Neo-Conservative chatter. Go listen on YouTube to some of your Republican heroes and get a history lesson. Listen to Ike talk about the Military Industrial Complex ( and Ronald Reagan in his 1964 speech. ( Neither of these men seem to support in their words what the so-called "republicans" today support. Warnings and talk of too much military spending.
Cutting military spending today and not increasing it again for 20 or more years would not do anything to endanger our national security as it is and always has been Americans who defend her. It doesn't matter if we have sticks and stones or nukes to fight with, we will always win when it comes to defending this nation. Now as to going to war for a President who wants to be a wartime president... that's not so much a national concern. We never should have gone to Iraq, and we long since should have been wrapping things up in Afghanistan.

Robert: You have so much to learn. Go out and read some history and get a better handle on what it is you are trying to talk about. Listen to Thom Hartmann to get a better handle on the issues. Rush is a failed rock DJ, and he made his fame by being an argumentative blowhard. He's kept that MO and seems to be very successful with it, but it doesn't make him right, and it really doesn't make him smart.

National Heathcare: Yes. It's sustainable.
Nation at War: No. It's NOT sustainable.
Government run everything? No, it doesn't work.
Government by and FOR the people, YES. It's in there. Put your nose against the glass... Read it! It's called the Constitution. It's available everywhere fine governments are established. Libraries too.
My apologies for the long rant.

hubris (not verified) 12 years 13 weeks ago

What you are referring to when you claim that the majority of Americans want the government to "keep their mitts off of everything" is called anarchy. This idea was pushed by a few of my classmates in high school, who really had no idea what they were talking about(you know the type; punk hairdos and nose-rings.) I suppose government was our problem during the Iran Contra hearings? "Darn government, trying to hold people accountable again!" Was government the problem when we shipped our entire manufacturing sector overseas? "Darn government is destroying the middle-class!" Was government the problem when we decided to depose a ruthless dictator, simply because he was a bad guy we could actually find? "Darn government going to war again!" Wait...that was a good thing, according to conservatives. Sorry.
If this "problem" of "too much government" ever gets "solved" our world might look a little different. Less government is nothing more than the consolidation of power on all levels. But when the GOP's golden boy (yes, the right will always own GWB) is referring to a dictatorship as "easier"...
...the American people have more to fear from Walmart than the federal government. All corporations have only one fear: The federal government. Is it any coincidence that the most powerful entities in the world control most of what we hear, read, watch and eat? Further, is it any coincidence that the middle class is slowly decaying? As power consolidates (and this is a direct result of deregulation) you will see the emergence of Feudalism.
FYI: A monarch is the smallest government you can get. I thought the entire reason for the revolutionary war was to break the control of a monarch.

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