July 16 2009 show notes

  • Host Nicole Sandler filled in for Thom and took listener calls on the issues of the day - healthcare...does the proposal that came from the House Democrats this week go far enough?
  • Article: Perry Mason and the case of the other Franken by Lisa Tolin.
  • Bumper Music: Walking In LA, Missing Persons (video).
  • The Nicole Sandler Show airs on Air America.
  • Dr. Ogan Gurel left Chicago's Daley Plaza en route for Washington DC to launch the Walk for Healthcare, a nearly 700-mile journey by foot. He is collecting peoples' health care stories and blogging about them. Follow him on Twitter and FaceBook. He called in to the show from Pittsburgh.
  • Bumper Music: Doctor, my eyes!, Jackson Brown (video).
  • Thom and Louise are flying to Michigan for a family reunion.
  • Article: Urgent: Support Kucinich Single-Payer Amendment Today by Bob Fertik. It lets states have their own option.
  • Nicole played excerpts of her interview with Rep. Dingle. Podcasts will be up at Radio or Not.
  • Bumper Music: Bad Case Of Loving You, Robert Palmer (video).
  • Clip: Beck "lose[s]" his "mind;" screams at caller: "Get off my phone you little pinhead!".
  • Poll yesterday on FaceBook.
  • Nicole is hanging out in the chat room.
  • Bumper Music: Hot Hot Hot Lyrics, Buster Poindexter (video).
  • Larisa Alexandrovna, Managing Editor of Investigative News, Raw Story, tells Nicole about investigating the DOJ, particularly the Paul Minor case. Read her blog on the US attorney scandal. People know the Don Siegelman case from Thom, how about Paul Minor? It is tragic because his wife died of cancer. He has been in prison 2 years. They are similar cases, break-ins, fires. Are there any Republicans in a similar position to Siegelman, where an organization received a donation? Sanders/Kucinich ticket. What happens now? Siegelman will end up in jail. Minor, 5th circuit, recusal, looking at overturning.
  • Hearings for Sotomayor, she can't answer on cases which may come up. Yesterday was fun with Al Franken.
  • Article: Judge Sotomayor's Record in Constitutional Cases, by Monica Youn, Brennan Center.
  • Dr. Marjorie Cohn, president of the National Lawyers Guild and a professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, where she teaches criminal law and procedure, dropped in to talk about the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings. She is author of several books including "Cowboy Republic: Six Ways the Bush Gang Has Defied the Law", and co-author of "Rules of Disengagement: The Politics and Honor of Military Dissent" with Kathleen Gilberd. Sotomayor is right of Souter, started out as a prosecutor, cautious. The Brennan Center found she agreed 95% of the time with the government. Scalia is the bully, mean, not her. Racism/sexism in the hearings - Lyndsey Graham about meltdown, Tom Coburn's Ricky Ricardo impression, Jeff Sessions making her out as a reverse racist, when he is a racist.
  • Clip: Scalia on Bush v. Gore: 'Get over it!'
  • Clip: Sen. Lindsay Graham Asks Sotomayor if She Has a "Temperament Problem" - Video 7/14/09.
  • Bumper Music: Something To Talk About, Bonnie Raitt (video).
  • Bumper Music: Change, Bart Crow.
  • Bumper Music: Democracy is coming to the USA, Leonard Cohen.
  • Ellen Ratner of Talk Radio News She got to a Leonard Cohen concert in New York. McCartney was on TV last night. Both do exactly the same show each night. Sotomayor hearings, these people have to hear themselves talk. Al Franken hilarious, started to read a letter. Republicans insisted on another round after Franken, Lindsay Graham pontificated, not questions. Jay was at the hearing, the same questions over and over. This afternoon is witnesses.. When Clarence Thomas was confirmed, Democrats asked many questions about African Americans, young kids in trouble.
  • Guest: Congressman Dennis Kucinich was just in time to finish off the show with a brief description of his single payer amendment and the reasons for it. He should be presenting it to committee within the hour. Amend federal law so that states can have their own single payer. Canada started that way. Lots of people want it.

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