July 27 2009 show notes

  • Clip:

    ROBERTS: If your child is obese, morbidly obese in medical terms, are you responsible? Even more, are you criminally responsible?

    Well, in the case of Jerri Gray, the state of South Carolina says yes. And take a look why.

    Gray gave us this school photo of her 14-year-old son Alexander. He weighs 555 pounds. He is now in foster care and she has been charged with criminal neglect. She told "The Early Show" on CBS how he got this way.


    JERRI GRAY, MOTHER OF 555-POUND BOY: A lot of times I had to work full-time second shift or full-time third shift. And I wasn't home a lot. There were times that I would have to purchase, you know, maybe some fast food when I came in if I was working third shift because I would have to lay down for second shift.


    CNN, July 21, 2009.

  • Clip:
    Bush: "Yes, but nevertheless, there's a certain comfort to know that the promises made will be kept by the government."

    Ms. Mornin: "Yes."

    Bush: "And so thank you for asking that. You don't have to worry."

    Ms. Mornin: "That's good, because I work three jobs and I feel like I contribute."

    Bush: "You work three jobs?"

    Ms. Mornin: "Three jobs, yes."

    Bush: "Uniquely American, isn't it? I mean, that is fantastic that you're doing that. Get any sleep?"
    President Discusses Strengthening Social Security in Nebraska, February 4, 2005.

  • We thought poverty was the problem, but it is the system, the problem is inequality. Rich people live longer than the poor, and have a slightly higher happiness index. The big variable is not income. National average income and live expectancy. Statistics. US is worst for a load of things, and Portugal second worse, one of the poorest European countries. Marx struggled. We are wired to be cooperative. Chimps are hierarchical, violent. Bonobos are more closely related, use sex etc, not violence. Marx said to force the rich to give money to the poor. Thom says social democracy, safety net, high tax at top. How would you solve the problem? East German poll. How do you establish equality? Andrew Hall getting $100m. We are wired to notice inequality and made crazy. The best way is to roll back the Reagan tax cuts, strong social safety net. How, when everybody has bought into the meme that victims, poverty are problem? American poor are richer than Puerto Ricans.
  • Article: "Travelers Rest teen's obesity may help expand definition of neglect" By Ron Barnett.
  • Book: "The Impact of Inequality: How to Make Sick Societies Healthier" by Richard G. Wilkinson.
  • Book: "The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better" by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett.
  • The Equality Trust for all the statistics Thom quoted.
  • Article: Majority of Eastern Germans Feel Life Better under Communism By Julia Bonstein.
  • Bumper Music: Political World, Bob Dylan.
  • Upcoming Events: Thom's book tour for "Threshold":

    July 27th - Portland, OR - Baghdad Theater & Powell's Books 7p - Tonight. Carl Wolfson to do some comedy beforehand.

    July 30th - Seattle, WA - Town Hall. Details TBA

    Aug 4th - San Francisco, CA - World Affairs Council. Details TBA

    Aug 5th - Santa Monica, CA - Santa Monica Library. Details TBA

    Aug 17th - Minneapolis, MN - details TBA

    Aug 19th - Chicago, IL - details TBA

    Aug 21st - Madison, WI - details TBA. There will be "Brunch with Bernie" with members of the audience getting to ask the questions.

  • Upcoming Event: Aug 8th - Seattle, WA AM1090 Presents - "Embracing Change: Moving Forward As The Majority" with Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Bill Press, Mike Malloy and Ron Reagan - Tickets are just $22 for Reserved Seating, $32 for Premium Reserved Seating, and $47 for VIP Floor Seating. Tickets go on sale Saturday June 27th @ 10AM. Purchase yours at the ShoWareCenter Box Office, or by phone at 253-856-6999. Doors open at 5pm, the panel discussion runs from 6-9pm. (not to be confused with the July 30th Seattle book signing).
  • Bumper Music: Crazy, Gnarls Barkley.
  • Article: Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man By John Markoff.
  • Article: Revealed: the secret evidence of global warming Bush tried to hide by Suzanne Goldenberg and Damian Carrington.
  • Article: Off-duty Police Patrol Streets as Drought Hits Texas Hard.
  • Article: Animals Sensitive to Inequality.
  • "IS CANADIAN HEALTHCARE A LESSON IN "RATIONING" FOR AMERICANS?" Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women's Forum. Obama's public option plan. Simple core - inexpensive, easily affordable, available to any American, un-cancelable, not stop paying at a particular level, fully protects all its insured persons, will not restrict you to a list of doctors, labs, hospitals, and you may not be excluded due to a pre-existing condition. Why is that bad? There are disadvantages. reimbursement rates of Medicare for docs. Her policy brief. Medicare varies from state to state, Medicaid doesn't. It is going to be very expensive, increase costs. CBO numbers. Less than Iraq and Afghanistan cost. Priorities. The cases that were refused. Tax system.
  • Guest:
  • Article: "Policy Brief #24: National Health Care in Canada: Lessons in Rationing" by Carrie Lukas.
  • Guest: Sara Robinson, American journalist and futurist living in Canada. Fellow, Campaign for America's Future; she is one of the few trained social futurists in North America, consulting partner with the Cognitive Policy Works in Seattle and a founding member of Group News Blog. No bureaucracy between you and doctor. What if you lose your job? Covered for life. Wait times? Not in urban areas, health care is at a provincial level, some provinces better than others. The complaints mostly from Ontario. If the US has universal health care, it will vary from state to state. Insurance. Cover is for basic, free. Prescriptions are not covered in BC, another covers with oil revenue. Medical equipment, other stuff. Supplemental plans, insurers, it does not include high risk big ticket items so it is cheap. No cover for elective procedures like liposuction, plastic surgery is covered only for where actually needed. Wait times vary on non urgent stuff. It's a moral no-brainer.
  • Article: "The Health Care Debate: Another Country Heard From" by Sara Robinson.
  • Article: "Broken Health Care: What It Really Costs Us" by Sara Robinson.
  • "On Page 425 of Obama’s health care bill, the Federal Government will require EVERYONE who is on Social Security to undergo a counseling session every 5 years with the objective being that they will explain to them just how to end their own life earlier. Yes...They are going to push SUICIDE to cut medicare spending!!! And no, I am NOT SH—ing YOU! So those of you who voted for Obama have now put your own parents in dire straights...Congratulations!

    Also, planned denial of medical care for seniors.

    Viral email.
  • Section 1233 does not mention suicide, it is advising doctors how to discuss with seniors things like having a will, consent forms, power of attorney for health care, do not resuscitate orders, hospice care, palliative care.
  • Bumper Music: Let's Work Together, Canned Heat.
  • Bumper Music: AM Radio Everclear (video).
  • Article: Secessionist Gov. Rick Perry Threatens To Invoke 10th Amendment To Reject Health Care Reform By Ben Armbruster.
    " “It really is a state issue, and if there was ever an argument for the 10th Amendment and for letting the states find a solution to their problems, this may be at the top of the class,” Perry said. “A government-run healthcare system is financially unstable. It’s not the solution.” "
  • "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."
    Amendment X, Bill of Rights.
  • Is there a pattern of hospitals being taken private, then declared unprofitable and sold?
  • Are there in effect 3 parties now? Democrats have always been a coalition, it is usually their strength, but not now or for Truman.
  • KPOJ was offering the last 10 pairs of tickets to tonight's gig to the first 10 callers.

    Guest: Journalist/author Steve Early joins me to discuss his book "Embedded With Organized Labor: Journalistic Reflections on the Class War at Home" and thoughts on labor movement, employee free choice, etc. Steve is speaking on Thursday July 30 at 7:30 pm at Powell's Book Store on Hawthorne in Portland, OR. What is the state of labor? Monthly Review. What does embedded mean? He used to be a journalist as well as a union representative. Class war? Downward mobility. Striking stories, experiences. Health care fight at the bargaining table. Employers are shifting burdens to workers. The pool of unemployed expanded, market softened, this drives down wages, makes it harder to unionize - unions work better when there is equilibrium, when the number of job seekers = the number of vacancies. Free trade had this effect. In the service sector where free trade has not had the same impact, there has been some promising union growth, particularly among home workers. Why doesn't labor not educate members about the effects of policies? Reagan policies, free trade. Weakness of the labor movement, labor education limited to nuts and bolts.

  • Bumper Music: Working Class Hero, John Lennon.
  • Doug Cunningham, Reporter/Producer for the Workers Independent News Service, gives us a labor news update. Disturbed by ads telling lies about single payer. Misinformation disturbing. Canada union trying to set it straight. The government has done a number of studies. Be aware of Employee Free Trade Act. a New York Times article a week ago said that card check being taken out, moderate Democrats. Union withholding funds until health care passes.
  • Article: "NUPGE urges Obama and U.S. legislators to give Canadian health care system a fair hearing".
  • Bumper Music: Tommy Can You Hear Me? The Who.
  • Article: Fla. cops catch man running with cash register.
  • Article: AT&T blocks 4chan, home of weird smut.
  • "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
    The First Amendment
  • Amendment IV
    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. Espionage Act.
    Constitution of the United States.
  • Stephen Porges, Polyvagal Theory.
  • The effect of officers trashing the young soldier captured in Iraq, the impact on soldiers, particularly those with PTSD on brink of suicide. It is such dangerous language, be careful. Thom had Peters on the show. He was blaming the victim. The YouTube video went viral.
  • Bumper Music: Democracy is coming to the USA, Leonard Cohen.
  • Article: Larry Craig, Former Republican Senator, Opens Consulting Firm.
  • Clip:
    "Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) has also tried to find the elusive middle ground. "They have a point," he said of the birthers last week. "I don't discourage it. ... But I'm going to pursue defeating [Obama] on things that I think are very destructive to America." "
    GOP headache: The birther issue.
  • Article: Barack Obama: US and China will shape 21st century By Alex Spillius.
  • Victoria Jones of Talk Radio News James Inhofe said the birthers had a point. He is nuts, pathetic. A FireDogLake reporter tried to ask several members of Congress. Rep Cathy Rodgers (R) WA: "We're going to find out. I'd Like to see the documents." Rep Charles Boustany (R) LA: "I think there are questions. We'll have to see." The actual original birth certificate is available. Meta to this (Jungian) he cannot be legitimate because of his race, they cannot accept him, they are looking for justification, mostly unconsciously. It would be different if it was a white born abroad. China - US talks, economic - sent vice premier. Obama will shape the history of the 21st century, transparency, stop Korea nukes and Iran. Some are wary of the future, he said he took a different view.
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