July 9th 2009 - Thursday


Quote: When we can’t dream any longer we die. - Emma Goldman

Hour One - Tom Sydnor www.pff.org  Topic: Is it time to put an end Welfare Queens like Bill Gates and Michael Jackson, and Pfizer making billions from interventions by Big Government?

Hour Two - William Engdahl www.engdahl.oilgeopolitics.net  Topic: How is the alliance of Russia & China going to mean the end of life as we know it in the United States?

Hour Three - Why is it that the most important question in the world is never asked in our corporate media?? Instead we’re just told to play with our toys. I’ll be asking it! this hour.

Topic: “Geeky Science Rocks!!”


amy (not verified) 14 years 50 weeks ago

Publicly funded ethical research is at the core of the future of this planet. We have been left with a non discussion of the ruling class dynamic. Money as the OLIGARCY!

amy (not verified) 14 years 50 weeks ago

we need some new ones, two trap system...6 month elections, low funding with truth as a core value.

Quark (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

To anyone interested in a MN progressive forum featuring info. on a variety of issues plus a political calendar of events, here's a great new website:


Quark (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

Ravi Rules!

Ravi Batra does it again. Weeks (or months?) ago on Thom's show, he predicted the second economic downturn we are now experiencing. He predicted it would happen in July.

Get Goldman Sachs out of the White House, Pres. Obama. Their economic universe only revolves around themselves!

Loretta Long (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

Here is the latest call to action from moveon.org regarding health care reform :

Call the White House switchboard and tell them you're disappointed in Chief of Staff Emanuel's comments supporting the "trigger"? Tell them voters want a strong public health insurance option—not half-measures like the "trigger."

Here's where to call:

The White House
Phone: 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414

Then, please report your call by clicking here:


The "trigger" is a trap to kill health care reform. It would delay the public health insurance option for years, even though we're facing a health care crisis now.4 Without a strong public health insurance option to compete with private insurance companies, health care costs will continue to skyrocket and millions will remain uninsured. And a decision to delay is really a decision to deny: even if the trigger conditions are met years from now, big insurance companies will start the fight all over again to stop the public option from going into effect.

To do the job, we need a strong public health insurance option now, one that is:

* Available to all of us: A strong public health insurance option should be available to anyone who chooses to participate. If you like your current plan, you can keep it; if you want to participate in the public health insurance plan, you can choose to do so.
* A national plan with real bargaining clout: In order to truly control costs and compete with private health insurance plans, a strong public health insurance option must be available nationwide.
* Ready on day one: Every day we wait on real reform, health care costs continue to rise. A strong public health insurance option right out of the gate is key to building a competitive program that will help control costs.
* A truly public plan: To ensure it's held to the highest standards of accountability, a public health insurance option must be truly publicly run—accountable and transparent to Congress and to voters.

Quark (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

Loretta Long,

Thanks for that healthcare reform strategy. Last night I attended a meeting of healthcare reform activists here in Minneapolis. We had a list of strategies we pledged to do. I'll email them with your comments to add to the list. I've already called the Prez. regarding the trigger issue. I will keep calling.

Loretta Long (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

Hi Quark,

That's so great!

Are you on facebook? Could you become my friend so you can post them on my facebook page, too? thank you. I'm lorettamarielong on facebook.
all best

Quark (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

Loretta Long,

I THINK I have a facebook page. I signed up for one eons ago, then never went there.

It's probably better that I go to your facebook page (after Thom's show.) Thanks for asking!

Richard Adlof (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

DUDE!!!! You just crashed PirateBay.org

Richard Adlof (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

The universe is on FaceBook . . . says 'richard.l.adlof"

Kai Wen (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

There is a site called LinuxFund.org. We got a credit card through them, and every time we use it, some money is donated to some open source projects.
Also, you should check out eff.org. I went to a talk given by someone from Electronic Frontier Foundation, and found out some interesting information about email and the 4th ammendment. Basically, if you have your own email server on your own computer in your house, your email is protected from the government, but if your email is on a server at your internet service provider, the government could demand that they turn your email over to the government, and you wont even know.

Gary R. Page (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

The Linux community has a "copyleft" process in place where all innovations are reviewed by a standards community and subsequently published as public software. The fact that this still exists indicates that innovation does not require greed as a motivator.

Same can be said about "Doctors without Borders" and a multitude of altruistic organizations.

Michael (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

The electric light bulb was invented by Sydney H Short. His carbon-arc lights were the first patent for the electric light. Information passed through to me, his great grandson is that his application for the incandescent bulb was taken by patent clerk Thomas Edison and used for himself. That is another story. My life has been deeply involved with copyrights, patents, and in the music industry, the performance rights and publishing rights societies. My latest endeavor is a FaceBook-like website that manages the rights granted you and that you have granted mostly for Internet use. Ironically I just filed a patent application to protect this idea. I have other patents in the process and in my opinion the process is broken. I only hope we bring some sanity to this intellectual properties mess.

blueinmo (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

I just want to say I think it's bologna that ALL the progressive hosts and radio stations no longer provide a dial up listen live link. I've not been able to listen to progressive radio for months without it buffering every few seconds. Technology has left those of us chained to dial up in rural community's behind.

I guess the GOP will own rural communities for decades to come because we cannot hear progressive voices. Back in 2004 when I had a 5 year old Compaq I could listen to internet radio on a dial up link.

Silverlight sucks and I think was purposely made to cut off rural dial up listeners. I once was able to listen to ALL online radio but one by one they were taken away from me by the IT guys who would rather cater to the city people who mostly have high speed connections and can listen with any player they choose.

I've complained to KPOJ and other stations that they have left behind millions of us rural dial up users only to have it fall upon deaf ears. We don't matter.

Giving a dial up link to your listeners costs next to nothing.

I miss NovaM because Shelly Drobney knew the importance in connecting rural dial up users with progressive voices. He knew you cannot change the mind set of conservatives if they can't hear progressive radio.


TFF (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

Excellent subject - a back door to silence free speech. Look at how uptight the republicans got during the presidential campaign because President Obama when he did not say whom also helped him put the speech together. Intension intension intension.

Will a school teacher be fined for quoting a research study they do not have the rights to?

brian a. hayes (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

... a great problem with the united states is that we never get to the facts the truth in our social debates. i still want to understand exactky the facts about dr. tiller's life. so i must resheach myselve. we are constantly being confused by corperate media. till we get facts and to the truth in things, we will keep spinning our wheels and nothing will change. so i feel as progressives we must strongly state and document the facts in every debate for public record. this is exactly the truth and facts.

brian a. hayes (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

about russia georgia and john mccains ties where documented in the nation magazine . but nothing was brought up in corperate media.

Percy (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

Thom, I strongly recommend that you get someone from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) on your show. They are truly the most sensible group when it comes to the relation between public policy and technology. They are a real antidote for groups like the PFF.


brian a. hayes (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

cut the millitary

blueinmo (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

Hey brian a. hayes what is it with you men who want to butt your noses into women's uterus's. It's actually none of your business what Dr. Tiller did for his women patients. Dr. Tiller provided a legal business for women when they needed it.

Abortion is a legal right in America and should remain so >...< Do not think for one second ANYONE has a right to my body other than me.

Don't want kids? Don't want to pay child support?

THEN GET A VASECTOMY! And keep your nose out of my vagina!

Joe in Costa Mesa CA (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

Regarding Defense spending and US imperialism: The Defense spending has really nothing to do with defense and everything to do with spending for jobs in key Congressional districts and states, mainly in the South but no region is immune. I can never figure out why is it we cannot come up with a public spending regime that employs engineering and precision labor talent at the same scope as Defense contracts. When we finally get around to installing high-speed rail, where do think we are going to get the technology? It's going to come from Japan or Europe or Canada. We will buy it off the shelf because we will not be able to produce reliable train sets that can achieve 185 to 200 mph. We will get some construction jobs out of it but that's all. Instead we use all our talent on F-22s and F-35s. That helps Newt Gingrich's old district outside Atlanta and some in Texas, but where's the return on investment? Can we make more money with an F-22 or a Polaris sub? Nope! Will they stop a terrorist with a box cutter? Probably not.
So what's the point?

Loretta Long (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

Hi Quark,

Ooops.. I was wrong. My Facebook name is Loretta Long.
Thank you.

ProgressiveMews (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

William Engdahl mentioned investing in peace as part of the solution, and this made me think of Kucinich's Department of Peace - a concept LONG overdue!!!

Quark (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

Loretta Long,

Okey dokey. Thanks, Loretta!

Careful, Thom. When you identify the "little man in the gray cardigan who is really pulling all the strings," you draw his gaze. LOL

Fairy tales always say "the giant" can be slain. Is that really disguised wisdom that humans have tried to pass down through the ages? Hmmm...

Quark (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago


Could you please post the URL to the BPRC effective glucose and fructose article? I tried to Google it (maybe I should "Bing" it) and found BPRC websites for:

Byrd Polar Research Center, Biblical Prophecy Resource Center, Big Peach Running Company, and Baltimore Public Relations Company, to name a few.


West (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago


4 words:
"Deep Economy"
Bill McKibben

This should be required reading for EVERYONE!

DRichards (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago


Just asking, Is the CIA really necessary for the US (other than "our" economic interest)? How did we survive before the creation of the CIA? Is the CIA really a tool for the very rich?

I really like the word "misled". It is less offensive the word "lied".
Kind of like "I didn't cheat on you, I had an affair"!

Quark (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago


'Just got a phone call and I have to leave. I'll catch up with you on your face book page later!

DRichards (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

Re: High fructose corn syrup (causes one to eat more).

Why would the food industry want you to eat more?

sccottpot (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

DRichards- Fat people buy more food = more profit.
And if you die young as a result of overeating, that is less money
Social Security has to pay to you in retirement . So its a win win for business and government.

Loretta Long (not verified) 14 years 49 weeks ago

I got a terrible sweet tooth last night and went searching the candy isle for something without corn syrup. I wound up with a bag of jiffy white popcorn.

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