Highlights Wednesday August 26th 2009

universal-healthcare-now-imagesHour One: remembering Senator Ted Kennedy

Hour Two: Why should private health insurance companies exist? with Dr. Fred Shessel www.docs4patientcare.org

Hour Three: Should you get a flu shot? With Larrie Garrett www.cfr.org author of Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health


Rasta (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Since Thom Hartmann is soooooo concerned about the Lockerbie bombing terrorists, the current terrorists who are being harbored by the American government, he should also be concerned about the terrorism and the collateral damage (in the form of Palestinians) that are being killed to harvest their organs in the name of zionism.

Wouldn't it figure that the since Hartmann is so in love with Scandinavia and their left leaning social minded governments he would highlight this story?

ooops....NO !!

Thom Hartmann's allegiance to the zionist slow genocide and cowardly buttered bread outweighs his allegiance to the truth, human rights and democracy. It all stems from his Calvinist KKKristian cult beliefs whereby the Dominionists are entitled to whatever land and resources indigenous people currently hold.

give us a "Sieg Heil" just for old times sake ...OK Thom?

Swedish Article Spurs Palestinians To Seek Organ Theft Probe

Mark (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

I don’t know why I occasionally tune into Coast-to-Coast, except perhaps the fascination in how far “out there” is. The other night, George Noory had a Dr. Len Horowitz as guest. The subject was the World Health Organization’s swine flu pandemic alert, and how it was all a scam with a decidedly sinister agenda. Now, to say that the powers behind the WHO’s swine flu vaccination plot is the pharmaceutical industry, and behind them is the Rockefellers and their “front” organization, the United Nations, may have a small sliver of plausibility. And Horowitz does have a seductively (for the progressive) intriguing humanitarian slant, and has written about the evils of eugenics, white-collar criminals and the propaganda and policies of the Bush administration.

The trouble began with Horowitz started talking about the swine flu vaccination program—or any vaccination program, for that matter. According to Horowitz, it is nothing more or less than a vast conspiracy to depopulate the world. The Rockefellers, it seems, have conspired with the UN to establish a mass eugenics program, with the intent—with the help of the pharmaceuticals using the WHO as front group—to induce mass death, or failing that, mass sterilization. This would certainly make a good movie or novel. Throw in fears of martial law and rounding-up people who refuse to be vaccinated and putting them in concentration camps, and things get even more exciting. Callers left and right couldn’t get enough of this apocalyptic vision. It didn’t occur to anyone to ask that if it the agenda was to depopulate the earth, would not outright discontinuing vaccinating people against disease achieve the same result?

Just when things started to get really over-heated, the whole fantastic edifice came crumbling down to earth. The doctor, it seems, has his own agenda, and it has something to do with making money off gullible people. The last part of the hour was devoted to Horowitz pushing a product he created, which I won’t name, which would be a “natural” vaccine in place of the poisonous substances being pushed by the international eugenics conspirators. There are a lot of people pushing this and that “natural” healing products, but Horowitz went beyond the usual snake oil salesmanship pitch by providing a small caveat: His product would not have the desired effect unless you added prayer into the mix. Getting down on your knees and praying would cause some fluctuation in the energy field (or something) that activates the healing powers of this vaccine substitute. It would also be useful to pray for a miracle, and family and friends are enjoined to help in this fashion. Frankly it would be more useful to pray that some other nutjob would go away, who's source of news is apparently tabloid stories written by people who admit they don't actually know if what they are "reporting" is true or not.

It is too bad that people like the doctor, who may be sincere in their concerns about what they see as powerful elites pushing a sinister agenda to oppress the masses, allow credibility to take an early exit by offering nothing but magic potions and miracles.

heathkit (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

The statement that always leaves me shouting at my ipod is when a free market fundamentalist claims "anyone in America can walk into an emergency room and receive treatment." This is due to the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act passed in 1986 (during budget reconciliation!) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_Medical_Treatment_and_Active_Labo...

The next time a libertarian makes this claim on your show, please take them to task for it. The EMTALA is a massive government intervention in the health care system. By using the force of government (men with guns!) to compel emergency rooms to treat anyone regardless of ability to pay, doesn't this create very rationing problems they claim socialized medicine will create? How is the EMTALA anything but government mandated socialized care, just without any provisions to actually pay for it?

I just really wish someone would hold their feet to the fire on this talking point. If they really want a free market driven health care system, why aren't they taking the intellectually honest position of calling for a repeal of EMTALA. Why do they talk about the government forcing hospitals to treat nonprofitable patients as if it were a good thing?

nora (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Just a quick note to Thom, Louise and Crew to compliment you all on the great daily e-newsletter. I really enjoy getting it. Thanks for a good thing!

Ben (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

I think that your medicare option would easily pass. I was talking to one of my right wing coworkers about health care and he said that why don't they just open medicare for people to buy into. It was his suggestion and he is strongly against the health care reforms currently going on. As you said, it is something that has a good name and people are not scared of, so opening it would diminish any attempts to get people upset about it enough to protest as has been happening with our current overhall.


DRichards (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

The New Republican Plan to Bankrupt America

Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, this week revealed a secret Republican plan that would end up eliminating all federal farm subsidies; closing down Yellowstone and Yosemite national parks; selling off the interstate highway system; and canceling Head Start, subsidized school lunches and the entire college loan program.


Quark (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago


Why not Medicare for all? That IS the question that doesn't seem to have a good answer... Maybe it's too logical.

BTW, where is the humanitarian who cared about others (like Teddy Kennedy did) on the OTHER side of the aisle? 'Tells us a lot about right-wing crazies, doesn't it?

DDay (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Speaking of right-wing crazies, I'll be spending a large part of my day preparing for Michele Bachmann's first town hall mtg. on health care, tomorrow here in the northern burbs of Minneapolis. She's dragging along Rep. Michael Burgess M.D., (Repub of 26th district, Texas) to lend a helping hand. There is an interesting You tube of him on August 10th basically admitting that their true purpose in the debate is to poke holes in any Democratic Party plan for health care. He also reveals that their plan was created because: "you can't fight something with nothing". Even with these revelations from her cohort ,(Burgess), Bachmann is selling her town hall meeting as a good faith effort to fix health care. I'm going to put on a NASCAR "T" shirt and hope to be called on at her town hall. I would welcome any suggestions for the perfect question. If properly crafted, it could result in one of her hyperbolic responses. Any help out there? Liberals like me will be in the minority there but I aint scared. It would be fun to lure her into a you-tube moment. Send campaign donations to Tarryl Clark, who, with help, can defeat Michele next fall. That would be a service to all Americans.

DRichards (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Peak Oil
I remember being taught in school about peak oil; that we would run out of oil before the turn of the century. This "prepared us for the oil shortage of the eighties. I remember when the price of records went up because vinyl was a petroleum product.

We are once again being told of peak oil. My question is, why are we still making so many things out of plastic? Is plastic not a petroleum product?

Greg Palast has stated in one of his books that Peak oil was thought up in the late fifties because gas was selling so cheap.

Ben (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago


I am a strong supporter of medicare for all. But I know that right now that would be tough to pass. Thom's idea about openning medicare as the public option should have enough policital will to easily pass the Senate, which is our major obstacle for health care reform.


Quark (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago


Wow --- what an opportunity! Does Burgess have any financial interest in the health care "industry?" (That is, does he own any testing services, equipment, etc., from which he will continue to personally benefit if the status quo is upheld?

What health industry campaign contributions does Bachmann get, if any?

(These are pretty standard lines of inquiry. Maybe someone else on the blog can come up with a "zinger!")

Does Michele still think she is being "Sarah Palined?"

Quark (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago


Re: Michele Bachmann health care industry campaign contributions:


Quark (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago


'Looks like neither one has clean hands. Look at campaign contributions to Burgess:


How can voters expect that either politician will vote for the AMERICAN PEOPLE and not the CORPORATIONS?

Mark (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Ted Kennedy's passing is tragic for the common people of this country, but it will be even more tragic if the Democrats do not pass a strong health care reform bill, which was cause Kennedy was most passionate about.

DDay (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

In 2002, after a life changing illness, and after the death of Paul Wellstone, I closed my business,retired, and joined my local Democratic Party. Ever since I have been in the trenches raising HELL here not only for RepubliCONs but with entrenched powers in the DFL, (our state Dems.), who had grown lazy, weak, and too fond of their turf. My efforts have even earned the wrath and disdain of our Democratic State Party Chair. he brooks no dissent. My first name is dissent.
The reason I've indulged in this short Bio is acknowledge and thank Thom for his frequent exhortations to his listeners to join their local parties, get in there, and make the changes needed to help build a better world. I couldn't agree more. I started living this before I ever knew who Thom was. At times it's very frustrating and you wonder if you are doing anything lasting. At times you wonder if anyone notices or cares other than your adversaries. That is why your encouragement Thom is so important to me and I'm sure many others. People need to get off their fannies and pitch in. That is especially true of Thom's many listeners because they have the added advantage of being well informed. What is the quote about a well informed public? Was it Madison? Like Thom now inscribes his books...Tag you're it! Get off your butts all you sideliners and sunshine patriots.

DDay (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Thanks Quark, I already have, but I'm glad you did too. This guy is a silverspoon medical corporatist. 65% of his contributions are from PACS. Most of his larger individual contributors are execs. of Drug companies etc. He is a smug and safe elitist. Michele is more complex and goofy. Check out the web site Dumpbachmann.com for a thorough story. Thanks for your interest. I'll be awaiting yours and others suggestions about questions to pose. I respect the gang that hangs around this blog. For the most part. Rasta is sadly very sick.

DRichards (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Christine Grahame: Al-Megrahi is home. And he is innocent
The release of the so-called Lockerbie bomber was long overdue, for the case against him was politically driven

He is not a saint, of course – he had a history with Libyan intelligence – but his hands are clean over Lockerbie. For you should recall that five months before the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 on that dark, wild December night just before Christmas in 1988, an American military cruiser, the Vincennes, shot down an Iranian passenger plane carrying 290 pilgrims. No one has been charged, let alone prosecuted, over that, even though it was all captured on film...


Food Fascist (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Blessed Passage Ted Kennedy. Peace and comfort to your family. Grand production here today Thom Hartmann Show. I learned of this just before retiring last evening peaking at the Huffington Post wondering if I had missed anything during the day. OF course, I saw the giant photo and knew instantly, it was hard to sleep and no one had any dedicated program prepared and so were discussing other topics.

I was looking forward to your program today hoping to be with others healing in group. Bobby Kennedy JR lectured our class reunion just this spring. Electric. Even a handshake means so much to us peasants out here.

Everyone should have read or please do read The Captains and the Kings-

Loretta (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Hi Dday,

If the NASCAR T-shirt doesn't work you could slip on a "If you are pregnant call.... for your choices." Most of those places are right to lifer's I think. That might get you called on too.

This question isn't that well-crafted yet, and I'm sure there is a better one but here is my biggest resentment. "Why do you feel that the Americans who elect you don't deserve to have the same choices for healthcare coverage that you, yourself enjoy?" They have a public option, don't they?

Food Fascist (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Ted Kennedy Health Care Reform for All Bill

I have a penchant lately, that when giants die- it is of their own choosing .....in some respects, they may be taking on another form, another frequency...for which will be more beneficial to the causes they worked to advance in physical form but for which a spiritual one would be more necessary. Something tells me Senator Edward Kennedy is all around us- invigorating us to stand and march to as Thomas Jefferson wrote -We the People..... to promote the general welfare.

Gd Speed - Ted Kennedy

Loretta (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

I am feeling so sad, too. Can't you hear his wonderful animated voice? I grew up watching my mom's complete adoration of Ted Kennedy. So much passion, intelligence, humor, a role model forever.

Loretta (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Food Fascist, That's a beautiful, comforting thought. We have to make it so. It's up to us, now, to take reform across the finish line. Go and get your tennis shoes.

DDay (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Thanks Loretta, Quark, yes it is an interesting opportunity. As to whether Michele still feels she's being Palinized...I'm not sure right now but I hope so after tomorrow! Some local activists here plan to arrive with bibles in hand. They may seek to engage her in a biblical debate. I think that is a big mistake. I have posted my opinions on the mixing of religion and politics overtly in public forums. Public policy is the responsible content of public policy forums. It provides plenty of rich targets. I'm still looking for that clever trap of a question. I have my own ideas but you'all are smarter than the average bears. Besides, Michele is such a hungry ideologue that she will likely snap first and sense the smell and taste of feces after it is too late. The feces offered just needs the right packaging and bow.

DDay (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

When conservatives want to talk about Gov. rationing why don't we point out that the private enterprise, (insurance companies) version of rationing is that 50 million get NO RATIONS? Call it rationing for the rich or something like that. We need to find the proper wording and strategies. Remember "Cracking the Code"? The jerks like the one on the air continually demon-ize our Government in hopes of taking our eyes off the real demons.

Lisa (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

That doctor absolutely would not answer Thom's big question because he couldn't - and really seemed like he was reading from the wing nuts play book.

In the end he's either delusional or a good foot soldier.

Loretta (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Thanks for taking that BS group on Thom!

For-profit healthcare insurance should be illegal! Could you interview TR Reid about his latest book ---Heaing of America---? He was on Fresh Air recently. But be sure to mention his mistake in comparing Germany's non-profit insurance to our own. That's a big mistake.

But his ideas regarding US problems stemming partly from having so many different kinds of insurance seem right on. It's becoming clear that many systems would work. We just need to choose one: Medicare like Canada (Which is where we got the idea for ours according to Reid,) non-profit insurance, or National Health care owned and run by we the people. We just need one! take a card, any card.

Food Fascist (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Join our group Name the Public Option after Senator Ted Kennedy http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=127487911782

Quark (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago


If you just want to irritate Bachmann, ask her if she is still ashamed of her son joining the Teach for America program:


Or, you could ask her whether God has asked her to run for President yet:


Food Fascist (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Touchet' Thom! IN fact...that can be your new moniker after that last caller!

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Preamble to the Constitution…’We the People’ ….to promote the general welfare…

IF someone hates the US government, they must hate the founders and America itself. We the People are the Government.

DDay (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

I agree Food. But listen, I've got a problem. My French isn't to good but I'm fairly confident that touche' has no t at the end. The French people have suffered enough without attacking their language. MERDE! Pardon...I'm a little sensitive.
I still am a fan of Food. I agree with you about our government. Why is it that the cons keep putting down the very organization which they seek membership in?

Loretta (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

S. Nigra Elderberry has been well-researched as a helpful remedy for Flu symptoms that reduces days of illness. I wouldn't use it instead of getting a flu shot, but I would have it on hand in case you get the flu before the shot, or for other versions of the flu. Be sure to use the right elderberries from a reputable source because other elderberries are highly toxic.

If you want to buy a reputable elderberry remedy, here is a link to a Nature's Way product. I've seen much better pricing but this is the stuff that's been studied in most research.


Julian Kernes (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

I was wondering if someone could analyze the legal contract language in all the private for profit insurance company contracts we have to sign in order to get health care coverage to publicly expose the clauses their company boards and panels use to deny us choice of doctor, deny choice of medical facility, deny or ration medicines, deny life saving treatments, deny payment for necessary tests, etc.?

Food Fascist (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Howard Dean is making an album for the Kennedy family - please add your condolences to the Kennedy Family here http://tedkennedy.org/page/invite/legacy?stg_signup_id=1156883

DRichards (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

The H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Manipulating the Data to Justify a Worldwide Public Health Emergency

By Michel Chossudovsky


Food Fascist (not verified) 13 years 31 weeks ago

Just say No to flu shots

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