Monday - Labor Day - 2009

labor 2 imagesHappy Labor Day...please enjoy a special edition of Thom Hartmann recycled


Therese H (not verified) 14 years 40 weeks ago

The two men who said 1) President Obama's words were too big and 2) leave my kid alone reflect a new norm in America that is appalling. As a 5 year old I listened to Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and many great politicians and people from around the world. I found great comfort in knowing there were intelligent people running our country. It also gave me a small push inside to understand what they were talking about.

I would invite both these men to stop being intimidated by use of the intellect and participate in government on something other than a base level.

Nigel Peacock (not verified) 14 years 40 weeks ago

Good to hear some recycked stuff. Happy holiday!

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