September 16 2009 show notes

  • Guests:
  • Topics:
    • Immigration reform
    • Running against John McCain
    • Health care for illegals
    • Health care
    • Future of talk radio, return of fairness doctrine?
    • Veteran's issues-did VA employees deliberately remove evidence from a claim file?
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  • Bumper Music:
  • Ad: How to get rich... If The Insurance Companies Win, You Lose by Health Care for America Now (HCAN).

    "Fade up on the cover of a book.

    Title: HOW TO GET RICH By America’s Health Insurance Companies

    Book opens showing chapter one and a pile of money.
    CHAPTER ONE Charge A Lot!
    SUPER: Raise health insurance premiums 4 times faster than wages

    Book turns to chapter two with an image of a mansion.
    CHAPTER TWO Make A Lot!
    SUPER: Pay your CEO $24,000,000 a year.

    Book turns to chapter three with a “DENIED” stamp on a pile of forms.
    SUPER: Deny 1 out of 5 treatments prescribed by doctors.

    TEXT: If the Insurance Companies win … You lose.

    Book flips back to front cover, but now it has a different title with of family: REAL HEALTH CARE REFORM

    SUPER with HCAN logo: We want good health care we can afford with the choice of a public health insurance option.
    Paid for by Health Care for America Now"

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