GOP - Does the G stand for Greed?

budget imagesFederal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke took members of both parties by surprise this week when he reported to a House panel that he believed transparency alone would not work and that some financial products should be totally banned. Rep. Tom Price, appeared alarmed by the Fed chairman's reversal in philosophy and asked for an example of a product that should be banned. Bernanke didn't miss a beat. "No-doc loans," he said, referring to loans sold to borrowers with no documentation of their income or ability to repay. The GOP is complaining to Bernanke that a proposed consumer financial product agency would encourage banks to offer "plain vanilla" financial products -- like easily-understood, fixed-rate, 30-year mortgages. Committee Republicans are saying this is no role for the government. Once again the republican are on the side of banks - Does the G in the GOP stands for greed?

The now-infamous Rep. Alan Grayson has another verbal tirade against Republicans. Yesterday he said, "America is sick of you, Republican Party; you're a lie factory, that's all you do," he added. "Why don't you work together with the Democrats to solve America's problems instead of making stuff up?" Bless you - Alan Grayson for being an optimist. The republicans have been lying to protect business interests since the Gilded Age of the late 1800s


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