Obscene Pay?

goldman sachs imagesDemocratic underground is reporting that Goldman Sachs has a bonus bonanza - $23 billion in 2009 - double the bonus pool paid to employees in 2008. How much is $23, billion? It could have paid for 460,000 full paying students to Harvard University for one year, or 115,000 for four years. It could have paid  health insurance for an American family 1.7 million times. As Goldman pays it's biggest bonuses ever to employees it won't pay much in taxes either - only about 1 percent, according a prominent tax lawyer, “They have taken steps to ensure that a lot of their income is earned in lower-tax jurisdictions.”  It's time that corporations start paying their fair share in taxes and we roll back the Reagan tax cuts so the wealthy can pay ther fair share and help bring back the middle class by rewarding people who actually make things instead of these obscene pay packages for people who make absolutely nothing but only move money around.


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