Thursday - October 22 2009

global warming imagesHour One: What's up with the Public Option? Peter DeFazio

Hour Two: Tax the rich and save America with Matt Welch

Hour Three: "Will humanity go extinct if we don't pass climate legislation?" Thom spars with Marc Morano of the Climate Depot

Plus environmentalist Bill Mckibben joins Thom on the "biggest day of action the world has ever seen"

plus..."Geeky Science Rocks - is your body dying to sleep?"


Quark (not verified) 13 years 33 weeks ago


You already know what makes Stephanie "tick." You're very perceptiive. I really WOULD be telling tales out of school. Just be content that they really would just reinforce what you already know...

I'm sorry, DDay. (More than once I've mentioned things on this blog which I typed before I could stop myself... "diarrhea" fingers, I guess. LOL)

chuckle8 (not verified) 13 years 33 weeks ago

I have a question. Is not corn syrup better for you than surcrose? Is it not high fructose corn syrup the culprit? Is it not the bonding of the dextrose and sucrose molecules in high fructose corn syrup a occurence that does not exist in nature? I have not had chemistry in 46 years, so I may have forgot something (lol).

Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 33 weeks ago

Our nation is a disaster, a total disaster. The above article is from one of my favorite writers.

Most of you are aware that I am 70 years old. At 70 I should be more idealistic but as I observe our failed nation I am both realistic and pessismistic. I await the self-implosion of our fascist-Nazi America. My retirement years are not very enjoyable because the hatred, corruption, and lies are endless in our nation that is wallowing in the abyss of hell.

Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 33 weeks ago

Paul Craig Roberts is a Republican but he is an objective American writer. Please read his above article very carefully!

Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 33 weeks ago

I wish to thank you for your comments that seem to understand my plight as an American. I consider myself a patriotic American but I can rub people against the grain at times, probably more often than not.

Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 33 weeks ago

Here is a psycho with his psycho talk, endless psycho talk.

Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 33 weeks ago

Cheney has received the "Keeper of the Flame Award." Whenever I hear rhe word flame in politics, I think of the eternal flame in hell. I do not wish for anyone to be the eternal keeper of the flame in hell but the lusting for human blood in the killing of God's children is one way to be the eternal keeper of the flame in hell.

Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 33 weeks ago

Here are some comments from an idiotic GOP senator.

Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 33 weeks ago

The GOP has been notorious for keeping an enemies list!!!!!

Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 33 weeks ago

Maybe the Peace Abbey is the place and answer for our ailing country and world?

Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 32 weeks ago
Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 32 weeks ago

Whether it is in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq or even in the U.S., as we’ve seen in recent years, war takes its heaviest toll on the poorest. It is a profound mistake to believe that military force is a solid foundation for peace.

People, I OPPOSE WAR!!! War creates more problems than they resolve problems. WAR IS OUTMODED!!! Only mature persons can understanding what I am saying. If wars resolve problems, why do we still have wars???

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