Death Panels on Veteran's Day

death panel imagesCould we do better than death panels on Veteran's day? On the eve of Veterans Day, a team of researchers from Harvard Medical School released a study finding that 2,266 veterans under the age of 65 died last year because they didn't have health insurance. That “translates to six preventable deaths per day” the researchers noted, and more than twice the number killed in Afghanistan since the war began in 2001. I'll say it again - Medicare Part E - for everyone and that includes our Veterans.

Hey- it's not just death panels for Veterans - Republican Jim DeMint would like us all not to get any type of affordable health at all. Even if a public option is removed from the Senate's health care legislation, Sen. Jim DeMint is urging all Republicans to kill the bill -- lest they help "create a monster." The monster? All those who would prevent him from getting big campaign bucks from the healthcare industry.

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