Divine Intervention?

diven intervention imagesDivine intervention? The UK-based Alliance of Religions and Conservation, in working with the U.N., recently hosted 200 representatives from nine major world religions with over 60 different religious organizations. Baha'i, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Shintoists, Taoists and Sikhs all gathered at London's Windsor Castle with a united environmental agenda. And with Islam at the forefront of today's news, Muslim leaders proved Islam’s ability to adapt and meet new needs. But waits there's more! - Leading environmental scientists and evangelical Christians joined forces to lobby senators in support of the climate bill on Capitol Hill. Since evangelicals are the core of the Republican party and are often seen as sceptical of global warming to evolution, if they can find it in their souls to support action on climate change, why can't our Representatives?

In Strange news - Enviro-Pranksters "The Yes Men" have "hit" again in Boston, where, posing as Coca Cola representatives, they announced a new name and label for Dasani water, called "Deception." The Yes Men, partnering  with the Think Outside The Bottle Campaign of Corporate Accountability International are exposing how bottled water is marketed as better water, but its less regulated than city water and comes with high environmental costs.


Gerald Socha (not verified) 13 years 28 weeks ago

I believe that only divine intervention can intercede for me to post comments on the Thom blogs. For some strange reason I have been able to have November 19, 2009 show up. I have not been able to read cooments from Thom's regular contributors. For some reason only November 17, 2009 would show on my screen. I do not know if I can be able to leave a comment for November 19. I have not stuck to the script of certain guests. I have tried to share information that I have read. I can never get through to Thom by calling him and so I have tried to leave a comment on articles that seem important.

If you can, please read Stephen Lendman's article on Single Payer Health Care, a Stimulus Plan. Thank you!

Yellowbird (not verified) 13 years 27 weeks ago

I could not help notice in the video of this discussion that the Elijah Ministries LOGO is a WHITE POWER FIST WITH FIRE coming out of it.

It is the replacement of the BURNING CROSS (sign of the Methodists by the way).

I think this minister looks like a White Power member with the shaved head. His swastika tattoos are most probably under the clothes.

cheguevara (not verified) 13 years 27 weeks ago

the only devine intervention you will ever have .... is taxes intervetalated in your ass Thom. Keep drinkin the kool aid boy. and ill be there...ill be there....

elizabeth (not verified) 13 years 26 weeks ago

I'm so happy Thom is now on FSTV. Maybe one day I'll actually see the show on the day it's broadcast. ;o)

Pet Peeve: All Christians are evangelical. It's part of our "job description," per the instructions in the Pauline letters in the New Testament, per the original Greek. Not all of us are, however, FUNDAMENTALISTS. The two terms are NOT interchangeable. So, Thom, are you referring to Christian fundamentalists or Christians in general? As a progressive Christian, I am evangelical, but I practice my evangelism very differently from my fundamentalist brothers and sisters. Our theology is very different, so please don't lump us together when referring to issues that are associated with FUNDAMENTALISM. (It's disrespectful all around.) Language matters, Thom, you yourself say so. Please be mindful. Thank you.

xeyeldinTX (not verified) 13 years 26 weeks ago

Elizabeth, thank you for posting what so often crosses my mind as I listen. Much as I love listening to Thom's broadcast on a daily basis, I too am often offended by the condescension inherent in some of his and others on the shows dismissiveness of Christians in general. I too am a progressive Christian. I am frankly apalled that Republican party which stands for everything that is antithetical to the Christian faith has co-opted Christianity. I see it as a means of controlling that sector of the population with its knee jerk reaction to Abortion rights and Gay rights.

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