Divine Intervention?

diven intervention imagesDivine intervention? The UK-based Alliance of Religions and Conservation, in working with the U.N., recently hosted 200 representatives from nine major world religions with over 60 different religious organizations. Baha'i, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Shintoists, Taoists and Sikhs all gathered at London's Windsor Castle with a united environmental agenda. And with Islam at the forefront of today's news, Muslim leaders proved Islam’s ability to adapt and meet new needs. But waits there's more! - Leading environmental scientists and evangelical Christians joined forces to lobby senators in support of the climate bill on Capitol Hill. Since evangelicals are the core of the Republican party and are often seen as sceptical of global warming to evolution, if they can find it in their souls to support action on climate change, why can't our Representatives?

In Strange news - Enviro-Pranksters "The Yes Men" have "hit" again in Boston, where, posing as Coca Cola representatives, they announced a new name and label for Dasani water, called "Deception." The Yes Men, partnering  with the Think Outside The Bottle Campaign of Corporate Accountability International are exposing how bottled water is marketed as better water, but its less regulated than city water and comes with high environmental costs.

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