FAQ - Message Board & Chat Room Rules

The Thom Hartmann Program Forum & Chat Room Rules:

The message boards  and chat room are communities designated as safe places for people to  come and discuss topics. While all variety of opinions are welcome  here, people who make others feel unsafe in the chat room or forums in  the following ways (or others, at the discretion of the owners and  managers of the message boards and chat rooms) may be evicted and

1. Abusive Posting: Ad Hominem attacks, death threats, racism, anti-
Semitism, and trolling are all prohibited and can result in a ban.

2. Altering Quotations: Do not alter the wording or make it appear as
though another member had said something which they did not.

3. Anti-Semitism/racism: This creates a hostile environment contrary
to the purposes of community and a welcoming forum environment.

4. Flooding and Stomping in the Chat Room and on the Message Boards:
Flooding the chat room and message boards with disagreeable posts that
serve to dominate, intimidate and prevent others from posting or
chatting diminish user's sense of a safe community. We reserve the
right to remove any duplicates at our discretion, and to request that
no more duplicates or similar messages are posted.

5. Banned User Procedure: A member who has been banned may email the
Forum Moderator to apologize, to appeal the decision or to clarify.
Once a Forum Moderator has taken action, He/She will decide to
reinstate or not.

6. Contempt of Site: This is a private community, and people who show
contempt for it should and can find a different community with which
to interact.

7. Personal Information: Do not post personal telephone numbers, e-
mail addresses, street addresses, or mailing addresses of anyone but
yourself (and we recommend you don't post your own personal
information) or by expressed permission of the person whose
information you are posting. If the information is posted with the
intent to harass or intimidate, flood their mailbox or solicit
harassment in any way, then a ban will result.

8. Trolling: Trolling is to deliberately post derogatory or
inflammatory comments in order to bait other guests into angrily
responding. They may also focus on changing the subject or diluting
the discussion with content-poor posts, or focus on only one topic and
point of view whatever the discussion. The troll has no intention of
taking part in discussions, save to try and ruin the quality of the
community for others. Trolls may also adopt sock puppets - alternative
identities - to further their aims. Trolls will be banned.

9. Spamming and advertising: Members are to use their accounts for
personal, non-commercial interests and discussions.

10. Copying from the board: Content from this message board may not be
posted, except by its original poster to this board, to other venues
on the internet without the explicit written permission of the owners
of this message board.

You are encouraged to work out problems among yourselves wherever
possible. You can contact moderators in privacy by clicking on the
triangular "report this post" button to the right of the reply and
edit buttons. Unfortunately we cannot reply the same way, but all
reports are read, and action taken where necessary.

By viewing the site content, you agree that all content on the Thom
Hartmann Message Boards and Chat site is the responsibility of the
person from which the content originated. You agree that neither The
Message Boards nor its sponsors or affiliates are responsible for any
content that you personally post or upload. The Message Boards and
Chat does not directly control any content posted on the boards, and
does not guarantee the truthfulness or quality of any content. You
agree that while using the Message Boards or Chat, you may be exposed
to content that is offensive or objectionable, and that you will in no
way hold The Message Boards nor its sponsors or affiliates liable in
any way, shape, or form for any harm or loss that may come to you or
others as a result of viewing this content. The Message Boards are not
responsible for screening content before it is posted, although an
offensive language filter is installed on the system that will reject
certain posts that may contain certain words deemed offensive or used
most often in an offensive way.

Users are legally responsible and liable for the content of their
posts. Additionally, The Thom Hartmann Program, employees, and
moderators will be held harmless against any and all claims resulting
from the use of these boards and Chat.

About Future Rule Revisions
These rules may be amended in the future if necessary. It is your
responsibility to check the rules section to stay informed of any

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