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Ravenkitty's picture
Ravenkitty 12 years 14 weeks ago

On June 27 1992, Dorothy Bush LeBlond (George W. Bush's sister) and Bobby Koch exchanged wedding vows during a ceremony held at the Evergreen Chapel at Camp David. It was the first wedding ever performed at the chapel.

The wedding festivities began at 4PM when arriving guests gathered at Laurel Lodge for refreshments while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

The Evergreen Chapel was decorated with peach roses. Music played above in the balcony and the bride came down the aisle escorted by her father President George H.W. Bush. The bride wore a wedding dress designed by Arnold Scaasi with salmon chiffon and lace.

The reception was held behind the Aspen Lodge. Tables were set up for 130 guests on the terraces and around the pool. The White House chefs made a cake and cooked a buffet dinner which included fresh salmon that Senator Ted Stevens sent from Alaska. The Marine Band played country music.

Some White House staff members volunteered on the day of the event. Off-duty White House butlers helped with serving the guests and some staff from the florist shop decorated the chapel and the reception tables.

They have 2 children, Robert Koch born 1992 (short pregnancy?)

And Gigi Koch born 1995. Has anyone ever seen them?

Lazyedna's picture
Lazyedna 9 years 15 weeks ago

About a question on KXY pipe manufacturing asked on TV show on Feb. 19, Wednesday

I watch Cspan regularly, particularly Washington Journal in the AM. Anyway.. some months back.. possibly over a year ago, I saw the Congressman who represents the Pittsburg district, I believe his name is Mike Doyle.. speaking on the House Floor, saying he wished that some STEEL manufacturer in the USA had had a CHANCE to BID on that steel pipe for the KXL. According to Representative Doyle, ALL PIPE is being manufactured in Russia and India, and the steel is from India. You can call Rep Doyle for more info.

wernr 5 years 36 weeks ago

Does anyone know the name of financial newsletter, that two ladies put out. Thom subscribes to it. Thank you!

SueN's picture
SueN 5 years 35 weeks ago

Aden forecast http://adenforecast.com/

stevesall's picture
stevesall 2 years 12 weeks ago

My wife and I got our 2nd Pfizer shot last week - no nasty side effects. I was glad to see it was RNA (no live or attenuated virus) with no mercury or other nasties in there. Anyway, I have emailed the CDC at least 3 times asking why don't any pandemic experts in the media (including Dr. Fauci) recommend to people to get their vitamin D levels checked with a 25 hydroxy D test since a few studies have shown that low vitamin D levels ramps up the immune system. I asked if a study was done to see if Afro Americans with serious Covid 19 side effects have low vitamin D levels since higher melanin levels prevents adsorption of vitamin D from the sun. Looks like a possible correlation to many but not to the CDC. I also emailed MSNBC a few times asking why there are no naturopathic doctors (or MDs who practice natural medicine) on any of their shows promoting ramping up with Vitamin D3. No answer yet - perhaps it's because their cash cows are the Big Pharma commercials with lab made drugs. Big pharma despises natural remedies since a patent can't be obtained for Vitamin D3. About 8 years ago I would get severe eczema and SADS every November (I live in the Seattle area - if you want SADS - this is the place). I asked the derm doc, what is the mechanism. She said, it's because the air is drier in the winter time. I told her I'm not buying that because my house if fairly humid. She gave me a cream and prednisone. The cream gave me nasty burns on my belly, legs and neck and the Prednisone made me (a guy) look 3 months pregnant! I was done with that. I suspected low D levels so I had to beg my family MD to give me the 25 hydroxy D test. With reluctance from her and the nurses, they drew my blood. My D levels were near 0!!! I started ramping up and got my D levels above 60 and try to keep it there. It's been 8 years and haven't had SADS, eczema, a cold or flu since. My family doc (a naturopath) always reminds me to keep my D levels up along with Liposomal vitamin C and zinc. You won't hear this come from a traditional MD. This is the same cocktail treatment given to trump by his Osteopath Dr. Who knows where trump would be if his Dr. omitted the natural cocktail. I'm also wondering why Thom hasn't had a Natural doc on his show emphasizing this safe immune boosting regimen. I watch Thom on FSTV almost every day and look forward to that day. I know Thom is not in cahoots with big pharma like the MSM. This aforementioned regimen could be saving thousands of lives yet, due to corporate profit motives, we hear crickets!

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