Highlights on the Show...November 23 - November 27, 2009

Thom hartmann books imagesMonday - KPOJ's Carl & Christine fill in for Thom

Hour Two: "Turkey, Native Americans, Pilgrims...oh my!" Kenneth Davis stops to do some Thanksgiving myth-busting www.dontknowmuch.com

Hour Three: "What do we do about Afghanistan?" Former State Dept. contractor Matthew Hoh drops by along with filmmaker Robert Greenwald to "Rethink Afghanistan" www.rethinkafghanistan.com

Tuesday - KPOJ's Carl & Christine fill in for Thom

ADHD: Hunter in a Farmer's World

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Thom's Blog Is On the Move

Hello All

Thom's blog in this space and moving to a new home.

Please follow us across to hartmannreport.com - this will be the only place going forward to read Thom's blog posts and articles.