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  • Quote: "I'll lose my seat to support health care." -- Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), a freshman Senator who is fighting to hold his seat in 2010.
  • Clip:
    MR. GREGORY: "Senator, but what do you do to bring Senator Lieberman around? Because as an independent, you have other centrist Democrats who say no way on the public option. Is that negotiable?"

    SEN. DURBIN: "I hope we can get to the bottom line here--and I hope that Joe, my friend Senator Lieberman, agrees--we need competition, we need choices. We have to put some honesty back into this insurance market. At this moment, private healthcare companies dominate the markets in most areas. They are exempt from the antitrust laws. They fix prices, they allocate markets, they control it. And when the American people hear this, they say, "For goodness sakes, at least give us a low cost option." And that's what I'm for. They call it the public option, but it's a not-for-profit company that doesn't have to generate profits for the shareholders or spend a fortune on advertising or administrative costs. I hope we can move to a point where we satisfy Joe Lieberman's concerns that this does not end up being a government debt, but creates a public option".
    'Meet the Press', Nov. 22, 2009.

  • Clip:

    "Those who have chosen to block any attempt at health care reform this year are on the wrong side of history. Just as those who came before them had one response to every landmark piece of legislation for the last 80 years. Their response has been a resounding 'no'. They told us it's not good for business. It's socialism. It stifles free market forces. That it's too much and it goes too far. Mr. President we have heard the same fear mongering and innuendo since the New Deal.

    There are those who raised the specter of socialism then, and said 'No' to Social Security. They said 'No' to unemployment insurance when President Roosevelt proposed it as part of the Social Security Act. They said 'No' when John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson fought for Medicare. 'No' to the Civil Rights Act. 'No' to the Voting Rights Act. 'No' to the Clean Air and Clean Water Act. They said 'No' to job programs. 'No' to increasing unemployment insurance when people needed it the most. They have said 'No' to government oversight of polluters who poisoned our land with toxic waste, and then they said 'No' to cleaning it up.

    They have been on the wrong side of history for almost a century on every major piece of legislation that has leveled the playing field for average Americans. And they are on the wrong side of history once again."

    Senator Menendez Speaks In Favor Of Health Care Reform.


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