This is not Higgins! Which one of us is not like the other?

From National Geographic's best photosnational geographic image013


SoloPocono (not verified) 14 years 32 weeks ago

Omg, this is just TOO Cute!!!! I NEVER used to be a "cat" person. Although I've been a cert. Vet. Tech. for over 30yrs, the only cats I ever had were "barn" cats who lived mainly outside. Squirrels, rats, kangaroos, baby bears, white Siberian tiger pups, snakes, etc YES, (i worked at a small zoo for a few years :), but NO house cats in my homes. Until 2yrs ago, I was pulling out of a long, deep depression, triggered by losing my fiancé in an accident, losing a baby, and being diagnosed with cancer. A relative of a neighbor showed up with a 3wk old orphaned kitten. Sita turned into a rather unusual cat and all I can say is we are completly inseperable. She can be seen on my facebook pics and I WAS keeping up with her on Twitter and a blog-Twitty-Kat. Haven't been able to lately-but she still browses on my laptop, switches tv channels, radio channels, and sleeps on her pillow next to me, stealing the covers every night.. ;)

louise (not verified) 14 years 32 weeks ago

Hi Solo - please post a photo of your kitty at our community site - Louise

Scott (not verified) 14 years 32 weeks ago

Not much to see but I wanted to check if my avator works!!!!

Scott (not verified) 14 years 32 weeks ago

and it does!

ptron (not verified) 14 years 32 weeks ago

That's the "I made you a cookie but I eated it" cat!

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