Peak Oil?

peal oil imagesThe Guardian is reporting a whistleblower at the International Energy Agency the world is saying we're much closer to running out of oil than official estimates admit. The allegations raise serious questions about the accuracy of the organisation's latest World Energy Outlook on oil demand and supply that help guide energy and climate change policies worldwide.  Peak oil in the USA happened in 1974, but we didn't realize it for a decade.  Worldwide peak oil has probably already happened, and we need to move to renewables as fast as possible.

Yesterday on CNN, FreedomWorks head Dick Armey defended the health insurance cartel's discriminatory practices by saying that if you have diabetes because you “eat like a pig,” you don’t deserve coverage.  This man will say anything to defend the indefensible practices of the gangsters who write his fat paychecks.

In Stranger News...In an interview with Sky News Australia last week, Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News’ parent company, said that Glenn Beck was ‘right’ to say Obama is ‘A Racist’ with ‘a deep-seated hatred for white people.’  I guess it takes one to employ one.

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