Sundance Swindle?

sundance imagesSundance Swindle? Director Robert Redford launched the Sundance Channel fourteen years ago to broadcast independent and progressive films from all over the world. It is pretty surprising that the network is now showing the notoriously inaccurate “Great Global Warming Swindle," a British-made global-warming denier movie. When this was first broadcast on British television to an audience of 2.5 million in 2007, real scientists were appalled. The British Antarctic Survey said, “any scientist found to have falsified data in the manner of the [film] would be guilty of serious professional misconduct."  Robert Redford - whose Kool-Aid have you been drinking?  This movie is neither new nor a movie - it's an old, disproven, discredited propaganda tract for the fossil fuel industry.

In Strange News...In Jupiter Florida, an overgrown lawn could cost a homeowner up to $5,000 a day. The current maximum fine of $250 per day could be boosted to $5,000 a day for repeat offenders. Come on Jupiter - lighten up a little - let's call them botanical gardens instead.

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